Does the Hori Fighting Edge have a square or octagonal gate? Are you able to change it?




To quickly answer your question. It comes with a square gate. With the stock stick you can not change it to octagonal. You need to put in your own stick with the gate.



The Fighting Edge comes with a Hori Hayabusa joystick. There are currently no gate replacements for this joystick. Extensive modifications must be made to incorporate a JLF gate into the Hayabusa which would allow you to use what ever JLF gate insert you choose. How to do this is outlined in the Hayabusa Unboxing and Mods thread which you should be able to find with a quick search here. The most simple way to get what you’re looking for would be to replace the Hayabusa with another lever until a gate solution releases for it.


Installing a JLF gate is pretty easy, assuming you have a drill and a bit set.