Does the HORI Real ARCADE Pro 2 for PS2 work with Total Control Plus for DC?

Well with the Mayflash Joystick out of the picture, I don’t have much choice but to resort to the more expensive stuff.

Managed to find a seller in Canada that sales the HORI Real ARCADE Pro 2 Joystick for $130 US and $20 US for S&H which isn’t so bad considering that there is 0 chances of getting duty fees.

The main question however remains, will it work Total Control Plus for DC?


I use a HRAP1.1 with a Total Control Plus, and it works fine. I don’t know of any differences between the HRAP1 and 2 PCBs, so it should work perfectly.

Sweet, thank you

Double-confirming, I use the TCP with a HRAP2, PS2 controllers, a PS1 PCB custom stick, etc. etc. etc. and it works great.

I waaant to say it’s flawless; it’s as good as any other converter (perfect tie with Innovation’s Dream Connection II, the previous best); it’s lagless and can switch to make sure your buttons map correctlon. It has a VMU slot and I think it even adapts rumble signals if you’re into that kind of stuff.

The only problem is that you’ll still see some blue screens in Marvel from time to time, but that’s more the fault of the Dreamcast itself when 90% of all 3rd party peripherals are causing the same problem. I just wanted to give you the head’s up. Otherwise, the TCP is absolutely perfect and really as good as you can get.

Good thing I don’t like the Marvel Vs games :slight_smile:

SHHH!!! Be careful where you say that, man… Marvel is serious! You’ll get yourself shanked runnin’ your mouth like that in the wrong part of town.


Na, I don’t like them because they’re too flashy and the jumps are too ridiculous. Give me normal SFII, SFIII, Vampire, KoF, Capcom Vs SNK, VF5, DOA2, Toshiden, Power Stone and SSBB any day.

Power Stone? So Wang Tang’s Spirit Bomb move isn’t flashy? :rofl:

Oh, triple confirming HRAP2 + TCP. Also confirming with Hori Tekken 5. And old MAS PCB (single black chip). And PS1 Dual Shocks. And PSX Digital Pad. And PS2 Dual Shock. :wgrin:

Sweet, thanks