Does the infinite work anymore?



Hi I have UAS, and I was wondering if the Batsu infinite even works anymore. I’ve tried it over and over and I can’t seem to get it to work. Wondering if it was just me, or if they fixed it when they changed over to UAS.


It doesn’t. His new way of doing damage is with the ryusei kick loop, which you can reset in the middle of, making it as nice as an infinite would be.


Can you explain how to do that one? Because I’ve messed around with the old one and I can get about 19 hits then super. Thanks for the help!


That link should take you to the page with the explanation. I’d just look for the hyperlinks on the page and read around them. There are vids of it there as well.

EDIT: The url didn’t link directly to the right page, but you’re looking for page 5 in that topic.