Does the inPin converter really screw up the d-pad and analog?


I’ve tried SO MANY PS2 AND PS1 controllers with the InPin and every single one of them I have problems doing DP motions. More specifically, I have to frekaing press the d-pads REALLY HARD (or at least way harder than usual) for it to register. This is comparing to just using a PS3 controller straight up btw; I have no problems doing any kind of motion on my PS3 pads.
So I’m starting to think that it’s the converter’s fault and not my PS controllers. Anyone had this issue before?

I’m actually mainly practicing on a PS2/1 controller for use on matches using 360 as the console (I’m about to get a recommended PS2->360 converter soon, but no 360 to test it out on), so I was thinking that I should get used to the controller here at home at the very least. But dammit if the converter itself is screwing up my inputs then that sucks big time.

P.S. does anyone know if there’s a peripheral that can allow a PS4 controller to work on the 360? (by ‘peripheral’ I mean just a piece of hardware, not the currently ‘known’ method of Joy2Key)


Test #1: how do those same PSX/PS2 controllers fare on an actual PSX/PS2?
It’s impossible that the converter would “detect” how hard you’re pressing on the D-pad.


^ …oh derp yeah I’ll try that out first. My brain shorted out while ranting about this lol. I have a PS2 at home I’ll test this out later.


I have both inpin versions. The one where hitting start/select would act as home and the one where that wasnt a feature. I used to play on pad and never had any issue. And i def dont have any issue with my joystick when plugged into the inpin.
As suggested using same controller on the 2 systems is a better comparison than comparing 2 controllers with different wear.
Ive never tried but do the psx pads with no analog sticks work on the inpin? Those were the best for tekken, wave dash so easy.


Yeah the old all digital psx pads work with the Inpin. In my experience, however, PS dpads got looser from generation to generation with psx pads being the stiffest and ps3 pads being the loosest.


OK yeah I got even MORE PS2 pads, and weirdly enough every single one of them had a varying number of errors. The most common of those errors usually were indeed the down and/or the left on the d-pad, strangely enough.

I’ve singled out that it is, in fact, not the converter’s fault. I’m just baffled at how every single PS2 controller I buy has issues though, ugh.


Just need to find the one that works the best. Still got 5 months until SEAM2014 to do this.


Yeah I’m checking where else I can get more PS2 controllers. Hey d3v if you see somewhere with legit PS2 controllers being sold, inform me on twitter or something lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually still have an old one here, but the diagonal down/back has always been screwy with it even back when I bought it.


Welp. Yeah most of the controllers I have right now are all screwed up in the down-back. Derp. :confused: Is it like a common PS2 controller sickness or something. I mean, my really old one doesn’t have it, and it still works, but its face buttons are crap now due to excessive use so I can’t use that either. T_T


Swap the parts, it’s most likely just the rubber contacts that are screwed up.


Probably just work it in by playing it. Buying a brand new one will require you to break it in and it’ll feel stiff until you do.