Does the input display in training mode sometimes lie?

*Note I use the madcatz TE fightstick if that makes any difference.

Sometimes when I attempt an ultra a super will come out. I look at the input and it does show all 3 punches were pressed and no punch button before that. I do put it in a “combo” as in I elbow my opponent up before I ultra with Abel, but I do it slow enough that it’s not a cancel (obvious because the opponent flies into the air before my ultra/super). The only other explanation for this would be negative edge, but I release the hard punch button well before I even start my 2 qcf motions.

Other times I will do an ultra when on the display it shows I should have done a falling sky (the arrow ends at the down forward position). Still other times it shows that I did the ultra even though I missed the diagonals completely (according to the display).

So is this just my suckiness or does the input display mess up sometimes?

it’s more likely your suckyness. you can use 3p for any super if it’s being used for a non juggle/non fadc combo. if you’re not canceling a move, then it’s still linking because it’s being counted in the combo. case closed.

It doesn’t show negative edge (button releases), and it will not show inputs you buffer during “round 1, fight” even though those inputs may contribute towards your move. I believe for a few milliseconds after pausing/un-pausing it will also not show an input you buffer during the un-pause.

But otherwise, its definitely accurate. What you see on screen is exactly what the game is interpreting from your input.

Even if it was true what you are now saying (pretty hard to swallow(I gotta say)), CAPCOM won’t ever admit they programmed RLG (random lie generator) in practice mode input display option.

How do you explain a d, f, d, f giving me an ultra then? I’ve actually purposely made that motion just to see if an ultra comes out and it definitely doesn’t.

yes. it is a bad man

Have you tried doing d,f,d,f really quickly on a keyboard though? Speed matters.
Because d,f is the keyboard way to execute a hadouken, works in pretty much every game. And if I remember correctly, I was doing supers like d,f,d,f on keyboard back in the days when that was all I had, playing emu:ed KOF.
So it should work.