Does the matchmaking system in TvC use a server or is it handled solely by the Wii?

I started a few rounds this evening, got RQ’d by Alpha and W!!-Mot3, then had a good match against someone else, can’t remember the name though. I lost, but when it goes to the results screen to give/take points, I got disconnected from the network. Since then, I’ve been unable to connect to the network, and I know it’s not my net, 'cause I have FFXI on right next to me and am having no networking issues with it.

Just wondering if others are having issues right now or if my Wii is having an uncooperative moment.

Random Smartarse says:
“Duh… Iounno.”


Jesus does the match-making.

I think it’s just random…
It happens alot 2me and other players

Thanks. I tried repeatedly to reconnect, but I had been unable to do so for the better part of an hour. I even turned off the Wii and then tried it all over again, and nothing. I’m beginning to wonder if the system penalizes me for the disconnections the other people do. I had a few people RQ the night before, and 3 in a row last night. I’ve noticed from time to time that if someone RQs on me, my win percentage drops.

I’m don’t think there is anything in place to punish RQers by not allowing them to connect. Maybe you need to reset your Wii network settings. Maybe you’ve hit a weird bug.