Does the Paewang PCB work on PS4?

I have an etokki omni and I’m wondering if I will need to mod it for use on the ps4, or can I just plug it in and play. I am getting a ps4 next month and am hoping I don’t have to do any soldering or pad hacking

It’s an Xbox360/PS3 stick isn’t it? So no it won’t work on regular games but will probably work on games that use special drivers like Skullgirls, MKX, USFIV

No, not even with games that use the lab zero driver. You are going to have to mod that bad boy.

Yeah I don’t think the Lab Zero Driver supports the Paewang/Datel PCB as it mimics the Dual Shock 3 in some regards

I have one installed in a nhtran and I have used used it for mkx

I use the white Brook PS3/PS4 adapter with my Paewang modded sticks

So Good…