Does the PS1 gamepad works on ps3 with a converter?

i’ve got 2 ps1 gamepad, one with rumble (psone pad) and 1 without rumble
i would like to know if either of them works on the ps3 as i wanted to mod them to play sf4
Or do i need to get a ps2 gamepad?
Best is the one without rumble works…

Controller Adapter thread

^^^ Have a look at that thread. (oops i think i got the wrong one)

Converter Compatibility Thread

From what I read most digital only controllers don’t work properly with adapters, becasuse the adapter sends the signal for both the analogue + digital direction simultaneously.

Yep, I use ps1 pads with converters for my stickz most of the time.

PS1 Digital works with HAIS converters from dealxtreme site. I know cuz that’s what I am using on one of my custom stick.

^ I’d go with HAIS like this since Sumoto bit the dust. Is there a digital pad with rumble? I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the Dual Shock which works with most anything.

im using the REAL PS2 to PS3 converter for the ASCIIware Playstation (PS1) Arcade Stick PCB for my custom stick, which was rumored to be better than the pelican…too bad its out of print with only limited copy to begin with…and extremely rare.