Does the PS1 pad work with all PS2 games?

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Im sure there’s a few others, but the only one i’ve actually had problems with was Burnout 3. It’s the only game that won’t me use my PS1 DS for it. I only use that control for P2, but i still wish i could multiplayer without having to buy another control

Forbiden siren 2

Any games that need the use of the analog feature of the ps2 controller buttons will not work correctly with the ps1 controller; being the ps1 controller is all digital.

some will though. like gran turismo 3. it will act like GT 1 and 2 where a button press = full throttle.

so basically it will work with any fighting game right?

It should. PS1 pads don’t work with SOCOM BTW.

I was thinking of getting a custom stick, and most of them uses PS1 pads and im just afraid that it wont work on some fighting games

Every fighting game in PS2 works without problems with PS1 controllers (I’d say that they even work better with that, as it avoids the problem found in PS2 controllers of having to press the directional pad hardly enough to sense it, as it is analog, not digital like the PS1 one).

you need a DS2 for Kingdom Hearts.

Not really a fighting game, but somewhat relevant, you can’t play any of the games on the Mega Man Anniversary collection without the DS2. The game freezes before you hit the main menu if you don’t have one plugged in.

Somewhat relevant, but you can use a PS1 pad for Dynasty Warriors 3. Can’t use it for 4 & 5, though.