Does the quality of the parts make a difference in gameplay?


Everyone here stresses the quality of the components. I was just wondering do they actually make a difference in the execution of the moves or are they just for the responsive feeling and longevity of the parts? opinions?


Good feel and responsiveness leads to better execution, therefore… your game is improved. Plus, noone wants to play on a crappy stick.


It depends on the person. A lot of people feel they have equal skill across all stick set-ups. I still get picky with my own controllers, just for the sake of comfort and familiarity.


they don’t make you a better player, but the better you get the more it helps. The biggest advantage is finding the parts that fit you best. Some sticks are just more compatible with certain play styles. The biggest advantage is quality. You won’t be swaping buttons every month like you might with say stock hori buttons. Better parts work better and last longer. It’s like using high end bicycle or scateboard parts. They don’t make you a better rider but better riders can take advantage of their bennifits.


ah, i guess I can always dream that my combos executions will be crisper with better buttons than the stock hori ex2 ones


There are people who have used that stick and have done fine with it. There are others who say that they could not play at their full potential while using it.

Like everybody else said, it’s a matter of experience with sticks in general. If you are having trouble with that stick and have not tried any other sticks at all, then you might just need more time. However, in the case of that stick, it is well-known that the parts are not of the highest quality. So you may just need that extra degree of quality for your moves to come out.


Sanwa buttons will definatly feel crisper than the stock ex2 buttons. They have a better feel, better sound, last longer & are more sensitive. They just won’t do combos for you. You might get the advantage of never missing a button press:)


Better parts are much easier to do motions and rapid button presses on.

Stock EX2 is fine for now but Sanwa stick/buttons are much more sensitive and accurate.