Does the Seimitsu LS-32 have a shaft cover?

Can’t find one for it anywhere. Would it be possible to just put a jlf shaft cover/dust cover onto the Seimitsu LS-32? If not, I might get an LS33 instead for its more compact design.

I don’t think there is one, but I think the one’s that are available aren’t wide enough to fit on it. From my experience, the JLF one’s won’t fit on the LS-32. (I could be wrong about this.) There is a tutorial on how to make the LS-33 one bigger [media=youtube]5vfsJ8Go3CI"[/media]. You might have to use a different diameter tool for the LS-32, though.

EDIT: I just realized that my post was sort of useless. The only thing that I can really say with confidence is that the JLF shaft is definitely less in diameter than the LS-32. As for the shaft cover, I don’t know since it moves a little on the JLF. And oh yeah, I don’t mean to be rude, but you might want to reconsider getting an LS-33 for fighting games. I don’t think that stick was designed for them or if anybody even uses it for them. Then again, if you *really *prefer the size then go for it.

The LS-40 comes with different color shaft covers and is more similar to the 32 than the 33 is.

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Thanks, my friend has a LS33 on a modded Soul Calibur 2 stick and it seems to work very well, which is why I thought about it for a bit.

So perhaps a LS40 shaft cover would work?


40 seconds in…an LS 40 shaft/shaft cover is on the LS32. Could I just do this with just an LS32 shaft?

EDIT: I found your answer: (Page 128 of Thread)

So you can technically buy the LS-40 or LS-33 shaft cover and use the drill-bit mod to get them to fit on the LS-32. But unfortunately we don’t know which drill-bit fits the LS-32 shaft diameter best, nor do we know which shaft cover’s height fits the LS-32 shaft length best. (The LS-33 shaft cover fit the JLF shaft length, but we don’t know if it will fit the LS-32 shaft. Same for LS-40) In case you decide on the LS-40 shat/shaft-cover combo, keep in mind that you might also need to buy the LS-40 dust washer.

this great!

The LS-32 doesn’t have a shaft cover. However, you can mod the stick as shown in the video by following my guide to create an LS-36. :tup:

It’d be less expensive to buy a JLF-CD and thin the inside of that. After the JLF shaft cover is made to fit the LS-32 diameter. you have to shorten the cover a bit since the LS-32 isn’t as tall as the JLF.

It fits the LS-32 nearly perfectly after the mod. I’ve done it twice. It takes a while using your own filing tools but this works!

Every other mod requires you to buy replacement parts and swap shafts or find somebody on the Net doing custom shafts for the LS-32.

MKL has found PVC tubing in Europe to craft shaft covers from for the LS-32 but I don’t think the same tubing is sold in the US.

There just isn’t as big a demand for shaft covers for the LS-32. Most ready-made arcade sticks use Sanwa parts and even the Seimitsu sticks with shaft covers are nowhere near as popular as the LS-32, let alone the Sanwa JLF.