Does the shoryuken-wiki about Akuma in SSF4 is right?

Why in SSF4 Akuma still can do the lp-hk-loop?:looney:
I thought it not work anymore.

You could have easily posted this in the FAQ sticky. The loop is gone, it only works when Akuma’s far standing jab gets connected on it’s 2nd active frame, which makes the whole thing hitbox/space specific and unreliable (there’s a better chance to connect the far jab on it’s 2nd active frame vs some characters, like Adon).

I was playing against my friend’s Sagat the other day and forgot it was super, did, c.lp, s.lp, and it connected. Was pretty happy. I should chuck it into practice and see if I can learn the spacing for it. Apparently the loop works best on Cody and Adon (though I haven’t tried it on Adon yet).