Does the XFPS 360 allow the VSHG to be used on Xbox 360?

Hi I am new to shoryuken and I have a question. I wish to play dead or alive 4 with a virtua stick high grade. would it be possible to do this with an XPS 360? (

I doubt it. I have the XFPS360 and it only works for my dualshock ps2 controllers. I tried using Hori Fighting Stick 3 and it doesnt recognize it at all. Hell it doesn’t even see a custom stick I made using a madcatz dualshock.

does it work with dualshock 1 controllers? i’m sure a lot of people would like to know whether or not their customs will work with this device…

EWAShock has one and arcade sticks built out of standard PSX controllers work on it. But he has a 2 player arcade stick made for PSX called the Blaze that it doesn’t recognize.