Does this combo work?

After trying for a few weeks I learned to late cancel aerials into standing normals with sean.Comboing his aerials into normals into specials takes some timing.

I know mp–mpDS–SA2–mp(late)(Does 60%damage to life) works, j Rh–mp+rh, j mp,Rh–mk tornado(does 1/5 to life without meter) works.

Does Rh,st. Rh,EX tornado,throw work?

I don’t understand this but I know ex tornado into throw does not combo.

I just tried that combo on Ryu and it only does 67 damage, which isn’t even 50%. Did you try that out on the twins?

Jump roundhouse, close roundhouse, ex tornado works. I’m not sure if it gives your opponent a free throw like mk and hk tornadoes do. I imagine that, at best, it puts you in neutral, but that’s just judging from the frame data of Sean’s other moves. Like Pherai said, it definitely doesn’t combo into throw. Practically nothing in 3S does, unless it’s a command grab, or if you can throw off of someone with their back turned (for example, flash chop german suplex).

Well at least it sets up for a mixup(EX DS (ungrabbable),tech or SA2(ungrabbable)) game.

What about jrh,rh,fpDS,SA2,mp? Does the fpDS push you too far back for the SA2 to hit clean?

I know you can trip people after the SA2 fall animation but the timing is tight.

Can you jump to escape the throw from mk/rh versions of tornado?

I tried it on ryu. May have miscalculated the damage.

I don’t think standing rh combos into DS, and I’m 99% sure it won’t after a j.rh.

I think ds works on elena

Dragon smash doesn’t combo from standing HK…just to confirm it for you, Pherai…

back to training…

Good lookin out SeanMiyagi :china:

No problem, Pherai :tup: U know ur cool with me…lol.

Also, to further discuss that combo 3SJ brought up earlier…it needs to be modified to the following…

j.RH > LP Dragon Smash > Shoryu Cannon > MP (late)

Contrary to what most ppl would believe about the Dragon Smash, it CAN be comboed from a jumping HK/RH, but only the LP version will combo…the other ones (including the EX version) are too slow to followup and combo. I was doing that all night on someone (poor fellow, lol)…another confirmation for u and all other ppl who want to use Sean…

I also like to add that there are other options to do after the Shoryu Cannon, 3SJ. is easier to time than mp, lp dragon smash can be done (if you dont mash the Shoryu Cannon, not too sure on doing another Shoryu Cannon on that yet)…or hk (which can be followed by a shoryu cannon). HK does more damage than the mp followup as well…just to let u know :slight_smile:

Now that all is right with the world, I am done training 2nite :yawn: …got finals 2mrw, after that I have some free time to train after that…

Hmm sorry for asking this but what normals of his exactly DO combo into his DP?

Don’t feel bad to ask…

s.lp, (close), s.hp (close), c.lp,, and combo into Dragon Smash

training time yet again…

how much does damage scaling go into effect after a normal or DS into SA2?

It gets scaled quite a bit due to the fact that you did lot of hits prior to he 2nd Shoryu Cannon, but you still get good damage outta it, I think it’s more than half a life bar…

Thanks SM :tup:

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So the less hits before the super the less the scaling takes away. Seems to scale pretty bad when your in critical(dark) health too.

For the most part, yea, that’s pretty much it. lol…also, shorts/jabs will either scale the super down barely or not at all, and other hits u will see a difference in the power of the super.

Just don’t ever combo into super from EX DS. Scaling is ridiculous.