Does this count as a spoiler?

If you and a friend are watching a scary movie or playing a scary game and they say that a scary part is coming up. They don’t give any details beyond “scary.” Do you think that counts as a spoiler?

If your friend talks during a movie tell em to kindly shut the fuck up.

Considering the entire point of scary movie is to scare telling someone where the scares are ruins that aspect of the film.

No, this counts as a bad thread. Things like this can be asked in GD. Although, to answer your question, that is a spoiler. The element of surprise is spoiled.

Is the element of surprise really spoiled? Giving someone a 5-10 minute window where the scare will happen is a lot different that counting down to the exact moment of the scare. I’d say its more like hyping the scare.

I would rather hype how scary the movie is (without spoilers) before the movie starts instead of telling when the scare is coming right smack in the middle of the movie. Let the person see for themselves how the movie is and let them feel the tension and sense of horror the atmosphere of the movie creates on their own.

I hate when I go to show a person a cool scene in a movie, and I’m like “watch this” and then I turn to look at their reaction, and they’re fucking texting somebody on their phone.

I punched good friends in the face for shit like that.

I just call em out on it, but I’ve busted my friend’s phone once. I consider it the ultimate in rudeness. Imagine you are telling me a story, then mid story I just walk away and start talking to somebody else, without even apologizing or nothing. Like, I’m showing you a 3 minute fucking clip, whoever is on the phone can wait 3 minutes for you to text them.

I had a buddy that would show up to chill, would complain if I played a game he didn’t care about (anything that wasn’t Madden or NHL), then when I put on games to play with him, he’d pause it every 10-20 seconds to reply to text messages. How fucking hard is it to tell somebody “hey im busy right now” or “hey Im watching a movie”. People got along fine in the 80’s, 90’s, and every other mother fucking year before that, without being at somebody elses beck and call.



I have a friend who constantly does that shit mid conversation and it makes me literally want to fight him sometimes. He doesn’t even try to talk to me while he’s texting either, hell just text while I’m trying to tell him something and then reply to ME 5 minutes later, not the fucking person he can’t even see, but the nigga who’s right in front of him. Needless to say, we don’t really cool much anymore because of that.

Let’s ask an expert.


Seriously, I wanna get a cell phone blocking device for my home or something. Shit infuriates me.

The best is when they just keep on texting mid conversation with you, and you can tell they’re not paying attention, just uh-huh’s and ok’s. So I’ll start just saying shit like “oh an hour ago I fucked your wife, she put up a bit of a fight, but nothing a good choking couldn’t solve” then listen to them say ‘uh-huh’ again.

I’ve tossed people out of my house for that shit. I didn’t invite you here to smoke my weed, drink my booze, and text other people. You wanna talk to them? Invite them the fuck over, or go the fuck home and text them all you want.

Like, I can understand that sometimes somebody will text you something that requires your attention, but can you literally not wait like 30 seconds to check your phone?

But my all time most hated is assholes who gotta pause a game you’re both playing for 10 minutes so they can text random shit to a girl who’s bored and just texting because she’s bored. Fuck her, fuck you, fuck you both.

I like throwing in random words at my call center job sometimes when i KNOW they aren’t paying attention. And when they finally catch what i’m saying, they’re like “pickled jam eggs!?”.

whenever i’m excited about some form of media and people talk about it any shape or form it i feel it takes away from my experience.
i’m extremely anal when it comes to spoilers.

so you can imagine how i felt when my friend told me “accidentally” told me the ending to breaking bad.


we were watching drive and after bryan cranston dies he says “damn bryan cranston dying in everything”.
i quickly start thinking about everything that i know he’s been in and by process of elimination i realized he was talking about breaking bad.
i’ve never known hatred quite like it and am still trying to find a way to get payback.

How is this even a question?

Because I don’t think it counts as a spoiler. I could care less if anyone said that during movie.

Saying that something “scary” is “coming up” is completely vague. You still don’t know what is about to happen or when it’s going to happen. In fact, if you’re paying half-attention, you should realize that a scare is coming up on your own anyway. There are plenty of cues, usually music or sound effects that tell you something “scary” is “coming up.”

That being said, I wouldn’t want someone counting down to a jump scare, or revealing the ending. Those are spoilers.

Congrats for you? Other peoples standards aren’t as low as yours.

Holy fuck, I hate these type of people.
Like, shut the hell up and let me enjoy the goddamn movie. Shit has gotten so bad I tend to watch shit I really want to watch by myself.

Who is this guy? Did you beat the shit out of him? I hope you beat the shit out of this guy you’re describing. Sounds like a disgusting piece of shit douche bag.

Congrats? Low standards? What the hell are you talking about?

I’m saying people don’t like their movie viewing experience ruined by some loud mouth dick head who can’t help himself but say “Oh man this part is scaaary.” Congrats that it doesn’t bother you, but it bothers other people, especially in a genre about building tension and surprise. You kill so much of the mood by announcing that some shit is about to go down. Who the fuck talks during the movie anyway? Rude assholes that’s who.

As for the later part, you have low standards because you don’t care when people announce some shit is about to go down in a movie you haven’t seen yet. If we can tell the scary shit is about to happen then why the fuck are you bothering to tell us? If it’s so apparently obvious you should probably keep your trap shut and let the events of the movie unfold on their own.

I hate people who do this. Sit behind me at the movie theater goin “Oh man this parts scary! Oh man this part is awesome!” makin me want to shove my bucket of popcorn down their throats so they are too busy choking to death to fuckin talk.

YOu know when the time to talk about the movie is? After the movie is over. Until then keep your yap shut.