Does this count as a spoiler?

I remember when I spoiled one of the HP books (think it was either Snape killing DD or the whole of Deathly Hallows) for this pair of white trash siblings and their fat mother came up and bitched my ear out.

Good times.

@crotchpuncha Congrats for you?

@Bious I worked at a movie theatre in high school and we got to preview all the movies before release day to make sure that the prints were fine. After we left the preview of the last matrix movie, some douche co-workers spoiled the ending for people camping over night in line to buy tickets in the morning. Poor people…


They were doing those people a favor.

Sigh not a beguild thread again

Does it count as a spoiler when I put a movie on and start reading the wikipedia page to my friends, and when they look at me in anger, my dick is sticking out of my pants?