Does this look alright?


seriously, no it doesn’t


It needs to be a little less wide. Also, the flames cover the subject.

what is this I dont even

Im 12 and what is this?


and other various memes that represent my confusion…

Not really, can’t even make out what it is.



no clue

Looks like you set some JoJo’s character on fire. Is that Deadpool on the left?

A stretched out picture with MS Paint text? Nah brah.

If only photoshop…

What is it?

I can’t tell what I’m looking at

Looks good

Just like the point out, and no offense to the OP, but how did this thread manage to garner more posts than thread with art that has…well… a little more effort put into it?

Looks stupid.

It is Kouma doing the helmet of the gods move against neko arc chaos.

ok, enough negativity already. thread closed, move along.
OP: I have no idea what I’m looking at… it’s hard to give constructive crit.