Does this stick have real Hayabusa parts?

Can’t seem to find any info about it.


2 points:

  1. That’s not a real Hori stick (the title doesn’t match the description, and everything talks about the Honcam stick)
  2. That pricepoint.

My money is on no, it doesn’t have real Hori Hayabusa parts.

The real Hori Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa looks like this:


That looks like an interesting stick for someone to mod.


Thanks for answering. It does seem too good to be true :sweat_smile:


With arcade sticks, if it feels too good to be true, it usually is.

Think of it this way:

  • any usual lever is about $20
  • buttons are usually about $3 each, and a stick generally has about 10, so $30 total
  • a good PS3/PS4/PC PCB is $40

That comes up to $90, this is without counting the casing.

If you see a fully populated arcade stick for significantly less than that, in all likelihood you’re not getting top-quality parts.


chinese stick better known under “lioncast” name - google it - , the one you showed ( “honcam” ) .
Probably has 10 other alternative names.
Next time, bypass the attractive salespitch claiming it’s supposedly an official hori/madcatz/razer/etc brand and skip right to the dubious name if ever it’s present ( “by Banshee” says the disclaimer right at the end). Even then check out the official promo pics as mentioned above and compare, you cannot count solely on a disclaimer/description .
There you go.


Thanks for the great advices. I’ll keep them in mind.
I just started looking into sticks and I’ll probably get a Qanba Drone first and upgrade parts when possible.


Hopefully you can get your hands on a drone to at least feel it before you buy one. Both of my colleagues that bought drones said they regretted it and just ended up buying full sized sticks later. They may have been able to upgrade some parts on the drone, but ultimately they were not satisfied with the size of the drone.