Does this usually happen with Madcatz SEs?

I just bought a Madcatz SE Fightstick about 2 weeks ago for my PS3 and my O button (MK) is already giving me trouble by not responding accurately at times. One minute it’s dead on, but at other times it’s slow responding. I heard that Madcatz use cheap knock-off parts for their SEs, but I had no idea it would begin to give out on me this quick. My initial intentions were to replace my stick and buttons with Sanwa parts in the future, but now I’m contemplating on whether or not to just make the switch to a TE instead. Is this common?

yes that pretty much always happens, and if you send it to madcatz it will probably happen again soon.

what you need to do is replace the buttons and joystick with another company’s. I recommend sanwa, seimitsu is another popular choice.

you can purchase everything you need at the following website: Lizard Lick Amusements

iirc the buttons you need are sanwa ob 30s (wait til someone else posts to possibly correct this, or do a search to find out if these are the right ones)
replace all the buttons

and a sanwa jlf stick. i dont know the model number, but it should narrow your searching(you should be able to find this info on these forums pretty easily) and someones bound to come in here and tell you what the model number is

Joystick: Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK
Buttons: Sanwa OBSF-30

Build quality in terms of “circuitry” is identical SE or TE. Replacing the stock SE parts with Sanwa parts will virtually give you the same parts quality. It is ultimately up to you though.