Does this work on arcade?

im pickin up hugo, and playing on ggpo against shinakuma…

does akuma have invicible grab frames iwhile he’s doing is forward medium punch (overhead) in the arcade version or ps2?

i would do 720 super in the middle of akuma’a forward medium punch…and i would get his by it…and not grab him…

i once parried one hit…and did 360 and nothing… it the other punch hit me…:confused:

is this a glitch in ggpo? or does akuma have invincible grab frames in the arcade or ps2?

Arcade – Akuma’s -> + mp is unthrowable (so that includes gigas)
PS2 – Akuma’s -> + mp is throwable.

That is all.

This should be a question in the akuma forum, but yes, akumas forward mp gives him throw invincibility in arcade only.

Since the thread is already here…

Has the throw invincibility ever been confirmed as a glitch or was it intentional?

lol you played Hugo against a shin gouki, that matchup must be like 0.25/10 for SG :frowning:

some of the Youtube explanation stuff I saw made him seem more broken than Gill, fuckin double zanku traps and that retarded SI divekick gives him throw mixups similar to Yun!!!

I guess this ShinAkuma is the name of his opponent :bgrin: