Does this work or is the timing too tight?

Is it possible to J.Hp(or J.HK)/ with Ryu?

I can do the low tatsu into super no problem but when I try to link them all together the super whiffs. I’m wondering if it’s something in the game that won’t let you pull it off or my timing is just off.

I don’t think a non EX grounded Tatsu puts opponents into a juggle state, which would allow the super hadoken to connect.

I can hit them with a super if I just do a low tatsu on it’s own. it’s when I combine it with other stuff that it seems impossible.

lk hurricane does put it a juggle state and can be followed up with super or EX srk in the corner. I think if the specific combo pushes the opponent back to far to do it though. You can do it more easily by just using a shoryuken or hadouken and canceling it rather than the hurricane kick.

Shoryuken also does more damage than the Hurricane Kick.

This does work. But you have to do the super really fast otherwise it’ll completely miss. And it works anywhere on the screen not just the corner.

Hah, shows what I know…

I always whiff after trying it, no matter what chain or links I throw before it. It usually is a corner tatsu that gives me enough leverage to nail the super. Im kinda excited to see if this stun frames of the super will allow time to dash for a metsu shoryuken. hmm.

I think you have to space it right :confused:
If you’re too close it probably won’t work. I’m no ryu expert though.

Really tight spacing on it, I believe. It’s possible, but like I said, spacing is a pain on it. :frowning: