Does tick damage no longer KO?


Just thought I had a guy beat. He was down to 0 HP and I hit him with two specials. He blocked both and threw me to end the match.

Afterwards I went into Training, set the dummy life to normal and told it to guard everything. Threw him until he was almost at 0 then started using specials. Life went down to 0 but I couldn’t KO him until I threw him again.

Was it like this in SFV the whole time? New to this beta? Or are only some specials like this? Any idea?


Super is the only thing that chip KOs now. All other chip can not KO. This has been known since the E3 build.


Wow. This totally changes late-round mechanics. Not sure if I like it, love it or hate it yet, lol.

Thanks for the clarification. Sorry for not knowing sooner, but I’m not sure where I would have found this out! I wonder if there should be a “main differences from earlier SF games” or “basic rules” sticky, or something.

I guess this can be locked.


The tick damage however may give you lyme disease drum roll and symbols