Does ttt2 have those lame very high damamge single hits like revolution?


Thinking of getting this game but I am not interested if single hits have high damage, only want to play if combos are rewarded over turtling with single hits and pokes.
For example some single button press moves in revolution give stupid damage so you can just stand off and turtle with high damage pokes.


Damage in TR is skewed by enhancements.
Pokes that are single-hit AND safe don’t do much damage. There is damage scaling on combos, and they can do up to 70-80%, depending on environmental factors. I’ve seen 100% combos too, but they’re very situational.
Combos are very rewarding in Tekken Tag 2. They are too in TR, but the way you do combos due to different physics, lack of B!, seemingly bigger hitboxes and criticals is different.