Does Twelve have any combos?!



And I thought Alex was a strange difficult character but I got the hang of him but Twelve is quite unique I got the idea of the air dash into a jumping fierce, standing jab and the Axe works well and use the NDL into a XNDL for 7-8 hits and u can juggle the opponent but does he have any combos that might possibly not include supers or specials if not tell me anyway just curious cause this guy is a brainbuster to me


Jab + short


jab+short is a newbie combo.
try low lkx2


You forgot his other combo, that being close st.forward -> super.

That and against Hugo you can add a super after neutral throw if he doesn’t tech roll. Hooray for character-specific glitches! =D


Forget about combos with Twelve. He isn’t a combo character and doesn’t need them to win. He pokes/throws players to death. The best combos you’ll see in actual match play are forward kick xx super or a simple juggle off of EX qcf+P. Sorry to dissapoint you but it’s true:( The only way to see any decent combos is to turn on some stuff in system direction if you own the DC version.


There are some effective mixups with Twelve when your opponent is in the corner that involve better combos. For example, you can do UO link into XNDL. Crouching strong link links into XNDL too and that normal is fairly quick.



Just XCOPY and steal a combo, a combo with no EX’s or supers. Aww poor Twelve. :frowning: