Does Umvc3 need more "modes"?

If you look at other fighters, alot of them have extra content besides arcade mode and online. We are getting heroes and heralds, but do you think there should be more than that? Personally, some sort of co-op would be cool. And that robust story mode we were promised that vanilla would have is always welcome to show up.

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It needed more modes in Vanilla but…now it’s whatever. People that want upgraded MVC3 will get Ultimate and if somebody didn’t like Vanilla…they’re just not going to get Ultimate either way.

It needs online training mode.

It needs more single player modes. KoFXII AND MK9 each have a story mode. There isn’t any excuse for it not to be in, after the story was touted TWICE. Unless H&H IS the story mode…

Its needs free online play for xbox 360 users

There’s that opening comic right after the start screen and I actually took the time to read it. I love how all the Capcom and Marvel characters interact and if anything THAT should be the basis for the story mode. It may have been hard to tell but the SSBB “Subspace Emissary” was a pretty darn good storymode even if it didn’t have any dialogue at least it had CG cutscenes of the different characters interracting, and thats how I’d want it to be. But this is just a side thing, the core element of the game is what most of the FGC people care about anyways. I find myself alone when i’m one of the few in the whole darn FGC who liked SC3’s Chronicles of the Sword.

The thing is, what would be the story mode? I mean, you would have to fight other characters yet everyone is fighting to save the earth. The only thing that would make sense is if H&H is the story mode and you choose whether you want to save the world (hero) or help destroy it (herald).

I have some good ideas for a story mode that I’ll post later.

However, I think they should make the 1v1 and 2v2 modes from Event mode an a mode online and offline. XF would/should be turned off completely in 1v1 and in 2v2, you would only have access to XF1 even if your other teammate has died.


The story in Calamity Trigger was tedious as hell to 100%

The story in KOF is BRUTAL as it only gives you one shot at the cheap as hell boss.

I’m gonna have WAY more fun with H&H then I did with story mode.

Well the universes did merge, not everyone knows whos good and whos bad really; and the real villans are Wesker,Taskmaster,Magneto,Super-Skrull,MODOK,Dormmamu and Dr.Doom who are trying to be heralds of Galactus.

Who the fuck honestly used team battles or tournament mode in SSF4 more than once or twice?

I mean, if you’re socially retarded or in the middle of fucking nowhere then sure live out your fantasies of participating in a single elimination bracket and OCV’ing a team, but for the rest of us those modes were just fluff.

Online training mode is a legit thing that is needed.

Really anxious to play Heroes and Heralds.

Mostly online training mode. Some sort of upload feature would be awesome even if it is limited to 480p, but I don’t care much about that when it comes to Mahvel right now.

No need for more modes…

Just fix the god damn netcode!!! For real this time!

The netcode is godlike this time around. Sounds to me like you have shit internet.

The mission mode needs to be expanded big time. KOFXIII has a crappy netcode but its mission mode completely slays that of UMvC3.

my what does umvc3 needs to be gdlk:

-online training mode
-combo breaker
-replay channel
-be able to watch status from xbox profile
-examples for mission mode (not for me, that makes the mission mode a lot funnier and thats what the internet stands for, but i think is a bit needed)

Only thing it really needs in replays/theatre.

Modes are trivial. As long as I have training mode, versus mode, online, and occasionally arcade if I feel like testing out movement and stuff on a moving opponent in my fighting game I’m fine. SSF4 had a bunch of that shit and I’ve never touched half of it since I bought the game. The only thing I did in that game were the things I named above. For the life of me I’ll never understand why people buy fighting games for the story. When did this trend start? I mean I was too young to remember but did people just not play ST because you couldn’t go on an epic adventure and find out the tragic past of Ryu? I don’t get it.

replays would be nice though. not even ssf4 had it, but I’d like an online training mode too in lobbies.

We need Heroes and Heralds.

Story mode for this game would be downright awesome if it included a bunch of cutscenes in the style of the vanilla videos. Honestly, Capcom could of done it right. But they were too lazy.