Does Vega act like a ninja in the comic?

He just doesn’t act like a ninja right now. Like when he attack Eliza from the front exit, he didn’t do anything stealthy like a ninja. :tdown:

Who cares? That’s like asking why hasn’t he fought any bulls in the comics yet. Maybe cause their concentrating on establishing his core gimmick in that he is a aristoratic assassin who has blended some ninja elements into his fighting style. I mean what do you want: “NINJA VANISH!” - puff of smoke?

That’s not a half bad idea…START THE PETITION! :vroooom:

Haha @ “ninja vanish!”.

Indeed! :clap:

With his wardrobe it’s kinda difficult to blend into the shadows.

You’re an asshole. :tdown:

So every single Ninja is supposed to act exactly the same like use half of the bs used in movies? Either study up on Ninjas are really like or seriously increase your manga / anime / video game intake on anything Ninja related. I’ll leave you with a final thought. Earthquake of Samurai Spirits/Showdown is a Ninja. Deal.

…If you watch The Last Samurai, you would get the real thing. Well, a jif of what ninjas were REALLY like. As for Vega…most of the profiles say he “practices” Spanish Ninjitsu. Not sure if it real or who brought it about…maybe Zorro did?

Its cause the Eliza scene was in America. He forgot his Katana, and his stars and his ninja mask and his cool ninja name in spain. Either that or you need to contact capcom asap and let them know the huge mistake they have made.

Some more Ninjas for you -

Shiranui Mai
Guy of Final Fight and SF
Recca of Flame of Recca
Every single member of the Oniwabanshu of Rurouni Kenshin
Kibagami Jubei of Ninja Scroll
All of the weirdoes Kibagami Jubei has fought in the Ninja Scroll Anime/Movie
Pretty much the entire cast of Naruto

Where’s the black suit? Where’s the super stealth? Read -

He should be able to jack off in her ass without her knowing, flip out and cut off her head, play a fucking wicked guitar solo, then escape on his motorcycle, while shooting his uzi into 30 cops with one hand and decapitating 54 with a katana in the other cause thats REAL ULTIMATE POWAH!

Indeed! :clap:

We must mention it.

…just overglorifying a popular figure…Americans… :lk:


hey if you want ninja get GUY

My god big ups for this link! :clap: