Does Vega have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?



This has been bugging me for a while. I know that I’m not a professional in the mental health field, but it seems that our favorite masked matador-ninja seems to display these symptoms of this particular disorder.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with the disorder, here are some sources for what it’s like:

They say that it often stems from a traumatic event from childhood (in his case, seeing his mother die and killing his stepfather), so it shows that he’s emotionally damaged.

(I’m sorry if it’s out of place in a forum like this.)


If anything, he’s modest.


Well yeah. That’s kind of his thing.


…To be honest, I felt that I did a shitty job with creating the thread. Part of me wants Vega to have more depth (along with a good chunk of the SF cast). That’s just me, though. I really am a stupid fangirl for thinking this way.


He’s fair for depth as fighting game characters go. Physically gifted and driven enough to be Bison’s right hand man, one of the most elite fighters in the world and the SF character with. the highest body count including Gen and Akuma. All with zero gimmicks like satsui no hadou, genetic manipulation, fenf shui engine or anything. He’s just a self made 100% human killing machine.

Then there’s his tragic past. Killing his father for the murder of his by all accounts virtuous and benevolent mother, adopting his narcissistic code of culling the “ugly” because of that incident. Something he lives by even in the face of something like direct orders from Bison eg: saving Cammy from Decapre just because she’s beautiful, despite Bison wanting her eliminating.

There’s conceivably a lot of room for development, too, if Capcom ever wants. Even a redemption, if someone were ever to convince him that beauty isn’t only physical.



Jokes aside, did Claw really killed/defeated Gen and Gouki in the history? Or do you mean that he killed more than Gen and Gouki did?
If so, where I can know more about it? I did a google search and I couldn’t find anything.


Hhmm hopefully we can get more in depth with the second season of Assassin’s Fist. I actually did some auditions for the part and got a response from Joey Ansah. Obviously I’m too young to be considered but I might be enrolled for a younger version as his origin self when he was younger or such.

With Vega, he is quitw complex. You can see that he wants to purge the world of ugliness and such, which can be considerex noble in certain aspects which means that crime would cease, but at the same time; his win quote against himself in Arcade has him stating that there is only room for one as beautiful as him. Hmm hypocritical as well?

You can decipher from his quotes too that his obsession with blood is due to the fact that blood can be considered the purest of forms. He says ‘strange, all blood is beautiful even if the owner is not’ which can explain that obsession. He wants to see the blood in all. Also I wonder if he would ever turn good, perhaps he gets a brutal beating and learns his lesson or something. I would love to see this character explored further. This complex identity of gentleman, psycho, narcissist and noble megalomaniac. Certainly a character.


Yes, more kills than Gen or Akuma. Bare in mind Gen stopped killing when Chun was young, and Akuma actually rarely kills anyone. Vega on the other hand is going to kill anyone he feels like.

I believe it’s referenced in the comics. Unfortunately, the only note of it I can find anymore is admittedly weak but here.

Ax Crazy: Vega who gains the largest body count including Gen.


Vega reminded me of this guy


Oh please.

Narcis Prince from Super Punch Out, though, maybe.


In any case, I kind of started this thread partially because of a well-written fanfiction called “Sick” in which Chun-Li interrogates Vega while the latter is captured.

It does a great job of showcasing his mental instability.


The only person with a personality disorder is Ryu.


What do you mean by that?


I think Vega has the most depth a fighting game character can have. A Spanish, effeminate, claw-bearing bullfighter that had studied ninja arts, who had a traumatic life, losing his mother to his ugly father, thus becoming obsessed with beauty and hating everything that is ugly, who also is an aristocrat by day, but a cage fighter by night, who is also narcissistic thus protects his face with a metal mask and is a sadist that licks the blood of his victims from his claw.
His narcissistic way is because of his obsession with beauty. To love himself and live, he has to believe he is beautiful. Or else, he would kill himself.

And he is already gorgeous anyway


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Probably in the sense that he has next to no personality, he is dry white toast generic good guy.


That much is true, but when I say “depth”, I meant more like at the level of the characters from Blazblue.


I wouldn’t say so. Ryu might seem boring to some, but don’t forget that he’s very dedicated to his training and doesn’t care much for fanfare. I’d say he was best portrayed in the Udon comics and Assassin’s Fist.


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