Does Vega or your playstyle with vega match who u use in other fighting games?

Like do you feel there are other character in diff. fighting games that somehow fit your playstyle with vega?

or was picking vega for yall just completely random?

in Soul Calibur series i mained Yoshimitsu, and played with sigfried and kilik aswell.

in Guilty Gear i mained: Ordor Sol

In BlazBlue i main: Ragna, Haku-men

and in smash brothers melee&brawl i mained Roy& Falco [if you wanna count those as fighting games]

Basically all those characters are either good at rushdown, pokes, zoning, tricky [only yoshimitsu] or are defensive/counter hitting characters, which fit my general playstyle with Vega.

…so… how bout you?

Not really.

I play a lot of fighting games and I don’t really have a main in any of them. The only reason I use Vega, is for his mobility. SFIV is really slow and defensive; attributes that tend to bore me. I find that he has the necessary mobility to avoid stalemates and turtling circumstances.

Going to have to agree with that. Of all the characters, Claw seems to be effected by the jello the least… and he’s hot.

Anyway, besides those points, I think Claw’s attributes suit my playstyle of zoning and poking. He seems to be lacking in the punishment department though >_>

I dont think there is anyone in any fighting game like Vega , his play style is Unique

I usually LOVE characters with Air Haxxx , but there arent really that much of those:sad:

call me weird but i base my characters almost 100% on looks , and If there’s a pretty boy in the game then i MUST main him

you can see all my mains in my sig

i play alot of fighting games and i must say that none of the other characters i pick remind me of vega in any way or his playstyle lol. soul cal i mained maxi and rapheal. tekken i main law and yoshi. cant really think of anything else right now imt tired lmao

I love characters with unorthodox styles. I just love to confuse people and go all over the place.

Voldo in Soul Calibur
Basara in Samurai Shodown
Choi in KOF
Elena in Third Strike

I’ve only played 3s seriously in the past and there i mained Alex. So naturally i thought about going with Abel in SF4 but when i saw his design i kinda puked and tried out E.Honda instead. But since i’ve always been a low-tier whore i learned abit of Claw and since then i only play him. I usually play the slow pretty powerful characters so Vega is a breath of fresh air for me.

Nope. In fact before Vega I used to avoid charge-based characters like the plague. I do however tend to play a rushdown style with any character, because I hate turtling, and I only use zoning when the opportunity calls for it. I guess I could do that with almost any character, but for some reason when I played Vega in sf4 for the first time it kind of clicked.

I use Raphael in Soulcalibur 4. I guess my strat/playstyle from there seems to suit Vega here. Lots of poke poke poking going on in both games, and both characters seem to be a pretty boy european.

Soul Calibur 3 & 4: Kilik
possible as far as zoning like vega but overall i would say he is different.
Tekken: King
lol i find to see any correlation between the two here.
Mortal Kombat: Sub Zero
He is one of the clones so i would put him more as a shoto.
SSBM & SSBB (Smash Brothers): Falco & Ike
I thought maybe if i mixed these two it could be a vega like hybrid.

This, entirely.

I used to never consider playing charge characters. I came from Marvel so that might’ve had something to do with it. I’ve always loved Vega though and I took it upon myself as a challenge to get good with him when SFIV came out. He’s definitely unique, I can’t think of many characters like him, definitely not in Marvel.

Ill find out when Blazblue lands and I main Litchi.

Cuz he has a weapon. Love the longer range and the slash slash slash sound

I played a lot of Samurai Showdown, Last Blade.

I am no fighting game fanatic by any means, but playing vega is a definite first…

I came from playing Ken in 3s for rushdown, and also mained ken in sf2 (but now I main vega there)

like SixColt, i always avoided charge characters because I felt like I lost valuable reaction time… This changed when I played online and everyone was ken. I always love challenges in games, so I began playing Bison since he was charge and looked cool… after the whole charge thing clicked, I played vega a couple of times and just loved it… I play a mixed style of reaction and rushdown (not terribly good at zoning yet)

In smash bros brawl I mained Sonic (pikachu in the earlier 2 games)… and I guess sonic does play similar to my style with vega

You should try Gen.

Hey you get out of here we don’t have enough Vega players as is. lol

Definitely. I’m much better with a more hit and run character like Vega than some super combo heavy fighter like Rufus or Yun.

Let’s see…
In Soul Calibur, I main Voldo.
In 3s, I main Twelve.
In GGXX, I main Testament.
In Project Justice, I mained Kurow.
So yeah, I like to play unorthodox characters who are hard to read, so I can slice at my opponents life bit by bit, almost like I have him on a table as I dissect his helpless body.
Wow, that sounded a lot less sadistic in my head… >.>


i hate voldo. hes stupid and weird

This x 1000. Fuck Voldo. Weird ass…dead…crab…man/horse

Anyway, in Tekken i’m weird. I mained King in the first 2 and then switched to Yoshimitsu from 3 because he had a freakin light saber. The first Soul Calibur, i mained Kilik, then 2 and 4 i switched to Yoshimitsu…because he was there lol

Oh, and in Bloody Roar (lol) i mained Bakryu because he was a mole with claws

I never played 2D fighters much. I think i mained Joe in KOF, but i don’t remember anything about him other than the fact that his name was Joe. I’ve always liked Vega because he’s a ninja…from Spain…and he yodels. It really doesn’t have to do with how he plays or whatever, i’ve just always liked the character