Does VirtualOn:Oratorio Tangram Match VF for sheer technical depth?

I was thinking about picking this up since I just bought another dreamcast, while I was reading the fightermegamix thread I heard sombody mention that it matched vf for technical depth is it really that good, I’m asking because I never played it before.

I can’t really attest to that, but I can safely say that VOOT is a great game and is definitely not a masher. It’s a unique experience, with a very different approach to fighting and has some excellent graphics, mech design, and animation to boot.

Pick it up.

yeah thanks for your thoughts, I’m going to pick it up as soon as I can find it.

It’s certainly a lot more fun, and WAY more fast-paced than vf’s crawl…and ultimate technique-disrupting crouching punches don’t exist in THIS game.

Yes. This game is really good, though I recommend only getting it if you can get the twin sticks cause you’ll never play well without them.

Apharmd for the win =D

If you want to know how technical this game is, consider that many people consider it to be “chess at the speed of thought.” There is an extreme number of special tactics and manuvers such as the classic Rowing, Enemy Hearding, and Moonwalk, as well as new ones such as Doi-2, and the walking freeze glitch. If you want an idea of how this game is truely supposed to be played, head on over to Sega’s page ( on the We Are the Champions VO tourney, not only will you see some VOOT vids, but some of VO4 as well. This site is updated regularly, so keep a good eye on it. If and when you buy the game, you have any questions, feel free to PM me or head on over to . There, you might be able to find some information, but try to ignore people like game.exe. >_>

Its a real shame Westerners didnt get into this game. VOOT is fucking great. :tup:

I wouldn’t say that. Sure the standard DC controller can’t do things as easy as twinsticks can but its doable. The major problem with DC pads is turning (Raiden players are sorta screwed) but with jump cancels one doesnt really need turning imo.

DC pads beat out twinsticks for jump cancels for sure: hit “y” to jump then “a” to crouch/cancel jump. Instant lock-on! :pleased:

Tsticks allow for many things such as frame cancels, rowing, and other things that the DC pad can’t even do because of it’s design. While the DC pad is ok in the Jump Cancel area of things, the Tsticks are better once you get used to them. The one true advantage that the DC pad has over the Tsticks is Watari Dashing. With the pad, all you have to do is just press a different direction after you start a dash, while with the sticks, you have to put one of the sticks into neutral and then move it in the desired direction. Once you get used to the Tsticks, the DC pad is unuseable.

I prefer the twin sticks myself since I’m very used to them…though I don’t own any for my DC at the moment. Eventually I’ll get some for some 2 player action in he future. Take care.

I know and understand all that, but those are advance techniques a beginner wouldn’t even comprehend at start.

The biggest problem newcomers face in this game is seeing their opponent. When an enemy mech is out of view they’re 3 ways to lock on to them:

change your view by turning (too long)

attack while dashing (can leave you vulnerable)

or jump. The fastest way of course is to jump but leaves you way out in the open. But if you cancel your jump by inputting the crouch command right away you can be mobile on the ground and have lock on right away. I think jump-cancelling is the key technique a beginner must learn which the DC pad does just fine with just 2 button presses.

My point is Gasaraki connoted to don’t bother getting the game unless you can get twinsticks for it. Would you tell people to not get a SF game unless they have an arcade stick? I think you can enjoy the game and be competent without twinsticks.

I’d recommend getting twinsticks too, but they are hard to find and costly. Twinsticks usually cost well over $80 on ebay. I don’t own a pair myself and am looking to buy at some point. I have played on twinsticks on an arcade VOOM setup so I know what I’m missing but that is not going to stop me from playing on a pad. :karate:

Are the twinsticks compatible with the American Dreamcast and a US copy of the game?

I’d like to pick up a pair to play with over winter break, but I’m afraid that it might not work with my copy of the game. I’ve never imported before, but I would if it was required to be able to play with the sticks. I’m not knockin’ the pads, but if you can afford the sticks (and can find them) then there is no reason not to get them. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Well I myself am pretty much a newb at this game and I don’t find the game fun at all without the twin sticks. Using the pad sucked all the fun out of it, you also don’t get that feeling of really controlling the mech that you do with the sticks. It feels way better. Just pointing out that even newbs can hate pad, enough to not even bother playing the game since it becomes tedious.

Edit: another question, does anyone know of any arcades in southern california that have this? It’s been over a year since I was last able to play

I believe there were only ever something like 4 VOOT machines ever released in the United States which lead lots of American gamers to assume it never got an official release here, but it did. If any place in the US has it I assume there would be one somewhere in SoCal…

No game comes even close to reaching the shear technical difficulty of VF, but VO is my FAVE cockpit fighter. It is the arrested development of fighting games! I recommend it to everyone who is looking for something different, but defiinately addictive. Its easy to learn, moderately fast paced (like a boss level on Space Harrier), balanced, varied and very, VERY nice to look at. A must buy for those with a dreamcast.

What were the tiers for the 1st Virtual On??

VO:OM (Operation Moongate) tiers

Temjin, Dorkas, Apharmd were top tier. Raiden’s up there as well.

I saw some amazing VOOT and VO: Force matches in Japan arcades. I wish they’d make more nontraditional fighters like that, along with the endless Tekken/VF/Soulcalibur sequels…

Yes, most definetly. You can use DC twinsticks or Saturn twinsticks with the Total Control 3 adapter.

There is VO:Marz for PS2. I haven’t played it but I’ve heard from EVERYONE who were fans of the original games say that its a giant pile of crap. :sad:

Sega is putting out Psy Phi next year, don’t know much about it though. I’ve heard rumors that it uses a touch screen. :looney:

Apharmd is where it’s at. Tongfers > your face.

VOOT is a good pick-up but to get the full enjoyment you need the Twin Sticks(as mentioned alot already in this thread). It makes things such as controlling Viper in his jet for ALOT easier than on the DC pad.

As far as technical depth compared to VF…although I never got THAT crazy in-detph with VOOT I did hear that it made VF look simple and shallow in comparison(this was before VF4 don’t know about now). If you can find Anthony Chau’s articles on VOOT I’m sure that would better explain it.

I remember in my youthful optimism hoping that VO:OT or a sequel that didn’t suck would come to the Xbox with Live play and TSticks but it was a no go…

maybe PS3?