Does VirtualOn:Oratorio Tangram Match VF for sheer technical depth?

Viper II and Dorkas were top, then came Temjin and Apharmd is you could moonwalk or do a yatsuhashi. I faced a good Temjin user who was always able to pull off the Big Four, still can’t outmatch the speed of my Belgdor though.

there’s one at the gameworks in seattle. $1.00 play

i know they released a vo on the ps2. made perfect sense since you already have two sticks and two triggers. i heard though that that vo sucked balls

and the sticks are screwy as i played 2 nights ago…

Viper was no where near top tier at an elite level. Crouch shots destroy him. In close combat he lost out bad to Rifle pokes (temjin) and shoulder barges by Raiden.
(Your name is familiar - I’m geussing you post at - I used to play against the players from sydvoc - a long time ago, never got voot in our area so I played vo:om alot)

Oh shit, Turbovec! :open_mouth:

<-- Sai-K

It’s not the same without the twin sticks.
It really feels like you’re piloting a mech with those things.

VOOT is still 100% playable w/o twins. In fact, I’d venture to say that they’re even because of the fast Watari’s and J Cancels. Too bad NO ONE in Florida is willing to learn the game with me.


I know a couple of people who live in south Florida. But while I’ll say the game is playable on the pad, you’ll get nowhere against advanced players using twinsticks.

Its a shame this game was disgraced with the Sequel VON Marz…it really is a shame…it couldve been made much better with the sequel…now we may never see a true sequel aka VON III…“VOON III-Return to Earth”

Marz wasn’t the third game, version 5.66 was considered the “third” while the fourth is Virtual On FORCE, hence the lable, VO4

In VOOT 5.66, I know they added some new VRoids. One was Stein-Vok correct?: Like Grys-Vok but used lasers. Was there another Arphamad series too? Am I missing anybody else?

Also, I wonder what reason Sega never released Force for console. Damn you Sega and your list of arcade only titles.

Force for console is basically Marz. I’m told the game speed is even the same =/

The speed is the same, only no mission crap and more VRs. On top of that, you can actually have teams of 2 versus 2, not one on one with a CPU controlled wingman on each team. As for 5.66, there were the 3 new VRs playable, Stein-Vok, Apharmd Commander, and Temjin 10/80 SP. In addition to this, you could use your customized VRs via VMU port in the machine, as well as have conversations back and forth, finally, there were further tweaks and balances to the game engine, including the addition of the stages added in 5.45 for the DC.

I remember customizing mechs on SS VOOM Netlink edition. :lovin:

So what was the general consesus about Marz being a POS. Was it balance issues due to the several VRs?

It was balance, graphics, and the overall butchered nature of the game. If VO Marz was a direct port of VO4, with the ability to allow for 4 people to play at the same time via link cable, it would have been fine. But with graphics that are even worse than VOOT, and the lack of the tag team system, it has no appeal.

My major gripe was the speed. I thought it was way too slow.

It plays like a mix between OMG and OT. But if was as fast as OT and had 4 VRs going at once, then it would simply be too much. VO4 has very different tactics than OT, but it is still very complex.