Does Westchester's fight scene even exist?

Ive been living in westchester for about 12 years now, and i noticed that there isnt anyplace for gamers to just play and hangout. We do have an arcade but it only has mvc2 the less likable 3s and just recently SvC2. Im lookin for people that know a spot we can play at or create that spot

I’m located in Westchester and wondering this myself, actually.

Westchester NY? There’s a thread up for Orange and Rockland counties, and you’re not that far from NYC. Very few areas in the country have someplace where you can just walk down the street and find competition, but you’re reasonably close (within 1 hour) to one of the major scenes.

There’s already a thread up for a scene in Yonkers, which is in Westchester county. There isnt exactly a “scene” yet but we’re trying to find a location to play at.

I’m in Westchester, too. Talkin about the arcade in Nathan’s, right? lol

Whenever I wanted comp I just headed to NYC in CTF and whatever tourney’s there were. I haven’t been to NL yet. I don’t play as much as I used to so I haven’t been in the city for SF in quite some time.