Does winning a side tournament at Evo make you an Evo champion?


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if its not in the official game lineup, yes


I didn’t realize that being an evo champion means so little that someone could throw a side tournament for any game that they want, and regardless of the fact that the turnout will be less than local majors much less regional majors, it counts as an evo championship win.

So next year I can run a Tobal 2 side tournament at evo. Have 2 people enter, win and then call myself an evo champion. Got it.


lol why are you so butthurt about this?

It’s EVO, you can have a side tournament for any game you want. If you win it then you won the side game tournament at EVO.

Is Tobal 2 even played at any other majors? lol

If 2 people show up for Tobal 2 at EVO I really doubt there’s gonna be a higher turnout for it at other majors haha

are you really gonna tell the person who won MvC2 side tournament at EVO that it doesn’t count cause it wasn’t in the official EVO lineup?


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Are you really going to tell me that whoever won an MVC2 side tournament on 2013 is at the level of JWong, IFCYipes, and Sanford Kelly on their prime on MVC2???
The answer is no, you’re late.


Thats conpletely irrelevant to the question. No one is saying anything about “on the level of so and so in their prime”. The fact remains that whoever won mvc2 at evo won mvc2 at evo.


In the end, id say it depends on the scene of the game

If you win tobal 2 at evo 2014 will the tobal scene acknowledge it? Fuck the srk posters and stream watchers will it mean something to the other tobal players? Xvsf had a strong side tourney presence for awhile with usa vs canada.

If your games’ scene acknowledges the winner of the side tourney as champion then thats all that matters


Depends on the comp. Winning at an EVO side tournament when there’s only a small number of competitors and/or the players who joined aren’t the cream of the crop is just as legit as DSP winning ST the year it was run on PS2. Sure a win is a win the legitimacy of that win will always be in question.


I dont agree that just because the game isnt in the official lineup that a win isnt legit


What I’m asking you is if you think that somebody winning a side MVC2 tournament in 2013 at EVO is at the same level of real EVO champs like those I mentioned (the 3 gods)
The answer is no.


I believe it counts. If you entered a tournament for Art of Fighting 2 and your only comp is a guy in a coma and you win, congratulations, you’re an EVO champ and an Art of Fighting God.


let me rephrase

you can’t be a evo champ if a game isnt in the official evo lineup

you can say “i won mvc2 at evo 2k13”

you cant say “im the evo 2k13 mvc2 champ”

if that makes sense


It’ll never count on the official record books, but if it gets a decent sized turnout, I don’t see why you can’t say so. People may laugh at it, but hey, if they thought you won on a technicality, then they should’ve gotten in there and played and beat you.

If I had the expendable cash to throw around, I’d come to Evo, run side events of my favorite games (Cough Sailor Moon S), and put up trophies to the winner.


If you win, you’re a champion. Evo is just the name of an event. The win is important.


I saw this Melty Blood tournament people ran in 07 or 08 on youtube. They had a good number of players and recorded everything and even some pre tournament stuff, so if you go that route and put it out for the world to see then I think yorue a legit champion.

Plus, itd be funny as fuck if someone came with an SNES and ran a Shaq Fu tourney! There should be a area that specializes in horrendous fighting games from the past and have them be like the Razzie Tournaments. The commentating would be hilarious!


Does that even matter though? Tournaments gauge the skill from the current field of players, not the past.


You still got paid, and recognized within your game’s community, but there’s definitely more to being a major champion than that.

If it’s an “official side game” like MvC2, CvS2, Garou, Vampire ect at FR, who are always given space when the community asks for it that’s one thing, but saying as a catch-all, any “tournament” that takes place in BYOC is a legitimate major tournament is another story.


Depends on the payout. Depends on entries. Depends on the community. Respect is earned, not given. I don’t think it’s the same as having the intensity of the entire crowd behind you in comparison to tourneys being ran in BYOC.


Depends on the side tournament itself. If it’s some random last-minute tourney that got thrown together by a few dudes and doesn’t fill a 16-man bracket, you probably shouldn’t brag about being an EVO champion.

But if your community promotes the tournament, bring serious setups, a stream or recording of the matches, actual prizes for the players that isn’t just money, and have players from all across the country and from other countries attend the tournament, then there’s validity for calling yourself an EVO champ within your community.


If said champion is branching out and telling everyone that s/he is an evo champ. To SF4 players, Marvel, Injustice etc… then that’s taking it out of your community. When the turnout isn’t even greater than or equal to a good turnout for a regional tournament much less a major or even evo then you can’t try and claim the same amount of admiration as someone that won an official tournament.