Does Zero have power replication?



In the Rockman games does Zero have the ability to replicate other character’s abilities?




Kind of. Zero doesn’t copy his enemies’ abilities exactly, he takes their unique elements and applies them to his own moves. For example in MMX4, when Zero beats Magma Dragoon, he mimics Dragoon’s fire uppercut, but instead of using his fist he uses his sword covered in fire.


Cool, so Zero is a fitting character for Marvel Versus Capcom 3: Second Edition.


This thread is mindfucking. I’ll leave it at that.


If he did have that here in UMvC3… Imagine Zero. With Orbs (Yammar Option lololol). Or DT. Or with the Kitty helper. Or Luminous Body. Or Spiral Swords. Ugh.

Zero for GOD Tier, anyone?


Why is this thread here…? And, yes Zero can replicate powers through his “learning ability”… but, that is not relevant to a game such as UMVC3.


You obviously know a lot about Mega Man, don’t you? Zero does learn abilities from the enemies that he defeats, just not in the same way that Mega Man (X) does.


Actually I was just trolling since the question had nothing to do with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

I may be a nice guy, but I get those urges, too.