Doesn't top tier ever post here no more?

Yeah, I have been thinking about this for a very long time now, I was asking myself why top players don’t post anything in here to share strats, stuff like that.

Is it only low tiers like me just keep coming back here looking for answer. This happens everywhere; for example the tekkenzaibatsu forum, no top tier players post anything eventhough they are members.

I mean, are they just hidding their knowledge or something?

Ok, you guys must be thinking “why is this dumbass complaning about, just play/practice more n you will get better. The importanting is experience.” no doubt that experience is important. But from where I’m currently at, Malaysia there are only a hand full of ppl that plays SF3S in the arcades.

How am I going to further my gameplay if I just keep play with the same bunch of ppl? This really fustrate me guys. :sad:

maybe it doesnt matter who’s answering the questions. as long as its right who cares who answers.

true, and pyrolee, rockefeller post sometimes, however less often and often, frankie3S posted and Yi Wang posts sometimes well, until evo started, then he disappeared

anyway, there are no strats or whatever in this game, everything you see in movies is what is possible, just download shitloads of em, ofcourse there is new shit to be explored, but you have to find that out for yourself, 3S isnt about strats or gimmicks, its about mindfucknig

try rockefeller, vic and yi post there

Wow. That’s a pretty big ‘fuck you scrub’ right there.

N - All future videos cancelled.

The lesson you can take from this thread is, “If you want to become a better player, stop posting.”

Thought so… figures…

Wow, are you really disrespecting alot of people with this post. So I guess you are saying Thongboy Bebop is a nobody? Maybe you are saying Everdread is weak? If you think so you are retarded.

Thongboy is always posting up strats and facts for almost every character for this game.

Everdread Remy thread is looked at by all Remy players on this fourm.

I don’t know what you are trying to say… I do know one thing it’s pissing me off.

yo i’m a scrub, i only beat exodus’s yun 2 out of 5

Eli and myself also decided the less you post, the better you are.


interesting… what’s your definition of top tier? Maybe you’re not looking in the right place?

i decided that posting on any strategy is now useless, because everyone just XCOPYs…i don’t need more pyrolees flooding the forums :tdown:

Pssh… more like we dont need you flooding the forums cuz u really do suck.

I used to post a lot, then I realized that even tho not all newbies here are scrubs, a lot of them are forum scrubs meaning there are tons of info and strats that has been posted and explained but too many ppl are too lazy to search for themselves, and then we see the same topics over and over again.

PS. Paulee still posts here… there is a toptier…

Paul Lee??


I agree. Exodus sucks it long and hard.

count me in here is a post from me. am i top tier?
if you really want to learn 3s, learn it your damn self… thats what i did.

you gotta figure out your own way of playin really. alot of really good players ive seen have a distinct style that probably wouldnt work if you tried to copy it. sure you can share combos and general strategy but you also have to play to your and your characters strengths.

btw, ed ma is a cheater, but ive learned the most from him :encore: :clap: :encore:

wow, look at all these “top tier” players posting…
seriously tho, everyone is pretty much right…just go play the game, it’s better to learn for yourself instead of having somebody here explain something that doesn’t make any sense at all…plus when you actually go and try something yourself, there’s more room for originality. It’s easy enough to copy someone else’s style of play, but it’s better IMO if you really take the time to figure out and learn new stuff on your own…in which case you don’t have to worry about bitching to someguy that said “do low forward xx super” and it didn’t work for that particular situation. Finding out what’s best for you is key. Also, analyzing matchs is a plus too. Find out why something you tried didn’t work or contingencies etc. If you’re just at home playing by yourself what’s the point in asking for help? I mean, just go to the arcade or find some sort of competition and then the fun begins. That’s where you see all sorts of stuff you’ve probably never seen before. I’m not too shabby on this advice, IMO, Devil X’s advice is good, but Vic’s is shorter and to the point. Devil X’s advice is more thorough…eh…I’ll just shut up now…

nah exodus is cool

Wow, you AND Eli? Well, that sounds pretty official. If those two agree, then everyone needs to listen.