Dogface love thread! <3 we miss and love you


Where is he?

What is he doing?

Does he not care for streams and commentary, or MvC3?

How is his hair?

Also, Dogface love thread


He’s done. DONE


Profound. Sadness.


proof of this?


Found dead after Rock forgot to let him out of the bathroom at Family Fun.

All joking aside though, where is Dogface?


this mystery must be solved :frowning:

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he got a life






I miss his wolvie / cammy antics, where is xvs at all for that matter :frowning:


Apparently the dude just decided to quit and move on. He’s been inactive for a long ass time.


Probably fell into some pussy and like rockafeller you might see him if things go sour


He works at Nickelodeon

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I love godface


So basically, no one knows :frowning:


i think he seriously works for Nickelodeon now


time to watch nickelodeon


we were so close to getting dogface back this morning

so close


dogface left due to highly personal reasons, which would be pretty insensitive for anyone in the know to further detail. just let go and move on.


It’s so hard to let go. ;_;

But I can respect it… I’ll miss you godface.


he probably just showed up for the job interview and they saw his hair and were immediately like “YOU’RE IN.”