Dogura cross-up charging




Does anyone know how to keep charge when crossing over the opponent? Dogura does it in his empty cross-up DR to ex PC/light scissors setups, but I just can’t figure it out. Thanks.

5m40s in the video.


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How do I perform this shenanigan?

autocorrect charge.
m16ghost posted some information, I just copy paste it here:

Backthrow -> empty’s devil reverse -> EX-PC

More of a gimmick than a crossup setup. The empty Devil’s Reverse will cause Bison to corpse hop over the opponent, and you can autocorrect a charge move as you land, crossing up the opponent.


Ha, I get it, thanks a lot.


Can be done from foward charge as well.
To guarantee the input, hold back, then press foward, back + button.
Doesnt cross everyone, but if you input this way, it never fails