Doin dragon punch motion

well ive been having a tough time doing anything dragon punch… rocket punch after a ff combo, teleports with strider, the list goes on… and i have an ever tougher time doing it on the right side of the screen… can anyone shed some light on why i cant do drangon punches more than 50% of the time…?

A common problem for some players would be they are sliding way too fast and not running over the precise input for the move.

For example, out of anticipation, match pace, or what have you, many will input:

6236+whatever (which the game will often register as 236+whatever), instead of the required
623+whatever for the move desired

Try being more deliberate in holding df (3) at the end of your motion.

Do a double hadouken motion (qcfx2, 236 x2) slightly quick…that’s how I get mine off…

I had a similar problem with sentinel. The way I got rid of it was to input a clean srk input after the with the bot., FF, tap a direction+lk, then go to neutral on the stick,, srk+fp

yehh i do that when im on the ground… i cant chain combos doin double hadouken motion… ill do that when im usin cyke… lol slice all day

But idk i thought it was my mas but alot of peole have played on it and i havent heard any complaints so i guess its my exe…

i do a Z motion, starting from neutral, foward, down and ending up at down/ foward. works well with strider, trying to do teleports but getting wall climbs instead is a bitch.

Just slowdown on your inputs a little. If you’re having trouble learning in training mode, then just keep at it, but remember in a match when it’s getting close precision starts to decrease as the pressure gets to you. From playing Strider so much it gets tense realizing ONE wall climb will cost you the game. Keeping your cool in a game helps tremendously with any execution.