Doin Five sprite avatar requests


Bah, fuk it…i’ll do a bit more than five…

Av’s finished:


LC-tizzech in the house. I’d request one, but I just got one from kame recently. :slight_smile:


wow. LC here? who wouda thunk.

oh and your title is misleading.

it sounds like you’re doing 5 sprites per avatar requests.



Oops, if anyone gets confused, i’m doin FIVE avatar requests, the first five peeps that come in line, with ONE sprite per avatar.
I just feel like doin sprite av’s for those who like them…it’s been a while since i did any.

Btw, i’ve been makin a few cameo appearances every now and then.:wink:


OMG hi LC!

you doing tags?

i just got an av a few days ago, otherwise id ask for one, so say yay or nay to tags


no worries man. :slight_smile:

and i will be the first requester. :wink:

make me an av with any one of these sprites:

OMG! Green Ranger Revealed! (from my own exclusive rare rips):lol:



Heavy Arms!

SRK size.

My name: Eclipse

somewhere on it.

tailor the av to whichever you pick. :slight_smile:


Eclipse: Aight bruh…the green ranger is callin my name lol. Is that kool? XD

Draig: Hmm…i guess a tag won’t hurt. Who’s it gonna be?:slight_smile:


Oh… thanks alot…

war machine it will be… if you cant get sprites that are good of him… ill try and get some.

and if it isnt too much trouble, id like it in a similar style to the tag you just put in the showcase thread… that looks great!

but its upto you =P

and my name somewhere… lmao.

thanks dude…


yesh. LC is THE MAN. :smiley:


Thank ya, thank ya.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna hit the sack for now guys. I’ll be done with both tommorow hopefully.


yes… yes he is :stuck_out_tongue:

@LC - thank you very much :slight_smile:


Eclipsesan: I lied about goin ta bed (not intentionally). XD There’s ur av…17 layers :0 Oh yea, i chopped off 4 pixels vertically i hope u don’t mind.:frowning:

Draig, i got u tommorow…err, umm…later today.=U


oooo, purty. LC did it again. :slight_smile:

thanks again, sir.


hey could you hook me up with one. ummm… one with cvs ken sprite doing a hadoken and showing some kind of level reading (like the one from street fighter the animated movie when the robots reads the fighters level) if u know what i mean (?)


Hi, could you make one with a Guile sprite (don’t care from what game) and put my screen name “TVS” on ther somewhere. Thanks!


requesting a tag and requesting an av are two different things? if so id like to call the next spot for av.


Draig: pick up time…:wink:

I guess i got ya boi with the Ken av next…



that looks great dude… thanks alot!


Just outta curiousity…

What do you use for the really tiny text that you use in tech styles? Like literally, what do you type out?


iam thinking “never say die” font italic