Doing 360s in older Street Fighter games without Jumping?

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The move to do 360s in Super Turbo is a full circle motion. How exactly do I do this without jumping? Thanks in advance.

I haven’t played Super Turbo enough to know how to but have you tried buffering the 360 move while throwing out a normal attack or special move? That’s how its done in SF IV, although its a lot more lenient than Super Turbo.

Haven’t tried that. Sounds interesting, thanks. :slight_smile:

You can do straight up standing 360’s and 720’s in SF4 without a buffer…and in 3s, but in ST you can only get standing 360’s if I remember.

Just spin that shit fast.

Sounds hard, but I’ll deal with it.

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Don’t mash circles. Know where you started your 360 motion so you can press your button at the right time. Also, “spin that shit fast” is good advice.

Pretty much.

And yeah, it’s real easy when playing on stick, just remember what point you started it at and tap the buttons as you reach that point again.

Nothing too hard. Standing 720’s still fucking suck though. =/

Definitely this… much more difficult to do on a pad but still possible… just do the motion as quickly as humanly possible…

Quick question though are you trying to learn this with T. Hawk or Zangief because Hawk leaves the ground more quickly((I always have to use a tick for T. Hawk(some people have faster hands idk) but standing 360 with Gief is very possible imo))

No advice to just get a normal standing 360 but to practice nothing that someone can exactly tell you how to do… but if using a tick such as crouching lk(hold db) its best to complete the up motions first(b,ub,u,uf) finish the motion(f,df,d,db)… your opponent should be out of block stun by the time you’re done with this motion(cant throw while your opponent is in block stun)… if done correctly your opponent only has 1 frame to do a reversal and if he doesnt time it correctly he gets toss on his ass.

Sorry, forgot to mention that. I was planning on using Zangief.

copy and paste from another thread

that answer in particular was explaining how to do a walk-up 360. same basic principle applies if you’re doing one from back (same timing) or down-back (slightly harder timing since you’ll have to continue the rotation through to diagonal up-forward).

if you’re serious about getting good with gief in a SF2, though, learn to spin both ways from any position. here’s an awesome monster post that explains why this is important:

actually in ST & HDR zangiefs 360s are changed to HCF, B + p/k or HCB, F + p/k

hcb,hcb, f for 720 or hcf, hcf, b

^ ^ ^
those commands are HDR-only. ST uses the classical motions.

in ST, Gief can do standing 720’s but the input is extremely difficult. Hawk cannot do standing 720’s.


There are two ways to do a standing command throw with either T.Hawk or Zangief without ticking your opponent in ST. Remember, in Super Turbo, command throws that are called ‘360’ throws are actually ‘270’ throws. You don’t need a full 360 rotation to get Zangief’s SPD, you only need a 270 degree rotation. Same with T.Hawk’s storm hammer command throw.

The first way to do a standing command throw is to do the command by starting at either ‘left’ on the joystick, and spinning the stick counterclockwise until you hit ‘up’ and then pressing a punch button. Or you can start the stick at ‘right’ and rotate clockwise until you hit ‘up’ on the joystick and then you’ll have to press a punch button. Here’s the thing that makes throwing from standing so hard with Zangief and T.Hawk though. Once the joystick hits any ‘up’ direction (up, up+forward, up+back) then your character enters his pre-jump frames before he jumps into the air.

Pre-jump frames are the frames of animation where a character is in between standing and jumping off of the ground. It is within those frames that you have to press a punch button in ST to get a command throw from standing. If you are too late pressing a punch then your character will jump into the air. Zangief has five pre-jump frames, so you have a five frame window to hit punch once your joystick moves into either ‘up+back’ or ‘up+forward’. With T.Hawk his pre-jump frames only amount to three, so the window for inputting a punch is even more strict.

The other way to get a command throw on the ground without ticking your opponent or jumping is to do a kara-throw in ST. Kara-throws in ST do not work like kara-throws in 3S or SFIV. With a kara-throw in ST you hit a normal command, like a standing fierce, and then before the standing fierce’s active (or hitting) frames come out, you cancel the starting frames into a throw. The third video example I have posted above is actually a kara-720 for T.Hawk’s super. You can hear T.Hawk’s standing jab come out but it is quickly canceled (within four frames) into his super throw (the 720).

A common trick with Zangief is to whiff a standing roundhouse near the opponent and enter in the SPD command as the move is recovering. You’ll throw your opponent on the first frame that you recover from the move if your timing is good.

Thanks for the advice guys. It’s gonna help me out alot. :slight_smile:

Try starting the motion from holding towards, this way you have completed 3/4 of the motion by the time you are at the “jump” stage, and it may just help you get it a bit quicker. Also using other moves to stick your character to the ground is a good idea. When I use Zangief, I do crouching :lp: and :lk: and the recovery of this combo is such that I can comfortably 360 and land an SPD without jumping, and it’s pretty tight to escape from too.

Also do things like crossup cr :lk: into SPD, or you can hop into SPD.

Also yeah, spin fast. The less time you spend holding :u: the less likely you are to jump.

When did you decide on playing Super Turbo all of a sudden? What happened to HDR? Hmm…

Well, I’ll play you and give you advice if you wanna start playing it.

Anyway you got some good answers in this thread, but you should of asked for advice on a pad. Everyone here is assuming you play on stick.

[edit] well the same rules apply to pad actually. its just more difficult to pull off.

It always baffled me that I could do a motion in one game, yet not do it in another. Also, curiosity.

Yeah, I’ll want to play you, but I wanna practice some first. Can’t do 360’s without jumping, which was why I made this thread. I played it with Markie sometimes.

Pad or stick, the 360 for SF2 isn’t bad at all. Like the guy said before, it’s not actually a 360. It’s a 270. Just do F, D, B, and U + P. Or B, D, F, and U+P. You don’t need short cuts or buffers. It just takes practice and is actually quite easy to do. I’m not sure why they made it even easier in HDR. That’s pretty unnecessary I think. And yes, remember to practice doing it from both sides starting with both directions.