Doing 360's on keyboard

Hey guys, I am really considering taking Zangief as my main since I just love his playstyle. I can pull of most of the combos but the 360’s just kill me. Can pull the off about every third try online and I usually pull them off slowly.

Are there and particular tricks besides doing a 270?


LOL. Buy a controller atleast for your PC.

Try left right down up + P. No need for diagonals

Dear lord. That sounds painful. Just skip this nonsense and buy a controller at the least.

If you want to get serious you should get a stick. I know xbox 360 and ps3 controllers work on computers, so I assume sticks should work as well.

If its a little out of your price range you can find usb controllers online for less than $20

As lenient as the inputs are you could probably just press all 4 directions at the same time, lol

…and if he taps them twice fast enough he’ll do a standing 720 >_<.

Sticks are overrated…way overrated, but I’d at least scoop a controller, there are just too many diagonals…granted it would be easier to tap some things out if your hands are quicker (go CV combos!).

  • :bluu:

I agree…not saying that stucks suck and controlers are better but on the real, people act like you become a SF God by owning a stick. Alot of it depends on your character. With Gief you can get away with controller for a good long while. But when it comes to doing BnB combos it can be difficult, but not impossible.