Doing a 10 sprite color swapin request

Hey guys, since I got nothing to do for the whole weekend…I decided to do a request…for an example, say if u want a blackish and yellowish strider then it will be done…well I’m planning to do only 10 sprites…If I have more time than YAY MORE SPRITE REQUESTS!!!

Ok, The following rules are:

  1. One request per person
  2. You will have to tell me what color you want it to be and be more descriptive
  3. If I don’t get what you said then I ain’t doing it(read rule #2)

REQUEST, FAST PEOPLE!!! Faster than more Sprites!!! :smiley:

Few examples here, I did them for myself:

Wheres the animation broham?

Another Reason why TG owns you.

I don’t know the short way of doing it, I only know the long way…lol…If anybody can teach me how to color swap every frame the short way, yea I will do some later… :frowning:

geez TG chill man, this ain’t a contest or anything…lol

i would like to know how to colour in an animation sprite in ImageReady alot quicker

doing each layer takes about 3 hours (not worth the hassle)

YEA, me too! I don’t think they do color swaps in imageready though…

Can i have a magneto sprite where the body is colored Black or really really dark grey but mostly black but i still want to see definition. and have his gear red. Thanx :smiley:

Here ya go!

make his cloths all black:

Here ya go!!!

Keep’em coming people!!! :smiley:

dddddddamn, that shit look tight:D thanx

is it possible to get a recolour of ken? using this sprite?

change the hair to a light greyish hair color, the eyes red, costume dark grey, skin color same as akuma, gi and gloves dark red

Will this do?


coul you make the costume darker? looks cool btw



could you make the part where the light hits the costume darker, sorry for the bother

God…I’m going to get banned for spamming!!! :smiley:

thanks , my bad man, looks great, tnx a mill.

okay, where is the tut to recolor sprites at??

Right here.

1 Get a sprite.
2 Get the pencil tool and pick a color.
3 Zoom in to 800-1600.
4 Color with pencil tool.