Doing a charge character's ultra out of a focus attack


Yeah…how do you do this? I’ve asked before but the answer didn’t solve the problem.



Something like this :

Though, Hold the focus attack . Around the 2nd level, finish the animation and by the end of the FADC. It all three buttons?


For characters like Balrog and Bison? Or Guile and Vega?


…you charge your ultra while your charge you FA, once the FA hits you wait for the opponent’s knees to hit the floor than you hit 'em with that ultra



here’s a write up I made for it a while ago

That’s for Vega and Guile, obviously. For the others, I believe the input is Forward Dash, then since you’ve already input your forward, just do the back,forward of the ultra using either PPP or KKK during the dash animation and it will come out.

One more thing I’ve noticed is that it is possible to use a charge ultra out of a forward dash without focusing, but it is not possible to use out of backdash without focusing, though when you focus first, you can use the ultra out of either dash.

EDIT: I assumed you meant out of a focus dash, but I guess you just meant after a focus crumple. Normally you can dash, wait, and charge with anybody fairly straightforward, but for Vega you need to backdash as soon as your focus connects, then hold down for approx 1.5 sec and then do your ultra. The timing is really tight. but anyway if you want to learn how to dash then ultra you can read what I posted there.


Try this , After the focus hits or even while its in the process of hitting or…even while doing the Focus dash… Start to charge the direction you need then upon impact you should be able to finish out the ultra.


You can either do it without dashing or adding a dash. Without dash, just charge as you are doing your FA. With a dash, do forward forward at the point in which you cannot dash during the FA (as lvl 3 focus starts up).


Well charge characters usually are able to FA crumple and follow up with their ultra. To make things simple, time the ultra command as you recover from the FA. Done right, you smack them before their animation considers them air born.

Going into more advance tactics, I’ve realized something when messing around with Guile’s FADC into ultra if I’m using it to just absorb a hit. It’s sorota hard for me to do the short cut version of Guile’s ultra where you hold down back and then go forward and rotate the stick back around to the up back. But it seems to me that Guile’s method of flash kicking into super, down back charge, up forward + kick, down back , Up forward + kick, works with FADC into ultra. Just down back, up forward, down back up forward + KKK and it seems to work for me. Do the motion quickly as you dash forward and it should work. Just remember to start your back charge and then do the FADC all the while holding back before you double tap forward.

Don’t spam it either. Do it slowly first and then speed up a little by little. There’s some leniency there that can give you a bit of breathing room.


For Guile and Vega, I do it like this. I am assuming you are on the left side of the screen facing right.

Charge :db:, Hold :mp::mk:, then quickly input :r:, nuetral, :df:,:db:,:ub:,:3k:

Inputting :r:, then going to neutral and finishing the rest of the Ultra gives you the extra directional input you need, so you can finish the Ultra inputs, and the :df: input from the ultra counts as the second input you need to dash.


You can also do a back dash ultra out of FA as seen in OHT video…



In general I always dash out of focus attacks, hit or block.

What you want to do with charge characters is to make sure that you maximize your charge time by doing the dash input as early as you possibly can, so you can start charging as early as possible.

I input the dash the VERY moment that my character starts the actual attack. Dash before that and you won’t get an attack, dash any later than that first instant and you are wasting charge time.

So, the very instant that my character starts the attack (whether its a lv3 that started via the timer, or a level 1-2 that started because I released the buttons), I immediately do (for a forward dash):

F, F, DB(hold)

You do it so quick, that you should be in DB WELL before the attack comes out. Get it right and you are essentially building charge during the entire attack animation.

Just work on this a bit in training mode and you will get it…it works well for all charge characters, but remember that not all charge times are the same. (Example, some of claw’s moves actually have different charge times by a handful of frames according to the data on the wiki).

Hope this helps. Charge characters don’t get as many benefits from the FADC system as the rest of the cast, but you CAN maximize the usefulness of the system by knowing how to do this correctly.


I would recommend a much simpler approach to start. Just practice pre-charging for a flash kick after a focus attack dash. You can break it into parts.

  1. :mp::mk: to initiate focus lv3
  2. during focus attack animation tap :r::r: and start charging :db:
  3. during dash animation simply hold :db: charge
  4. end with :db: to :ub: for the flash kick (although for flash kick I usually have a first)

Doing this will give you a feel for the amount of charge time needed. Once you can hit the flash kick after crumple:

  1. swap in :db::df::db::uf: :3k: instead of flash kick.

Approach the naked dash ultra and back dash ultra at your leisure.

The pre-charge during dash animation works for all charge characters.

edit:Parabellum explained it better.^


Thanks for the video, i didnt find any.


The key thing to remember about simple FA -> FADC -> Ultra combos like with Balrog, Bison, Chun-Li and Honda (characters with charge b, f, b, f + buttons Ultras) is knowing the EARLIEST point when the game will accept a buffered dash or backdash command for FADC.

As long as you input the dash command as soon as the actual ATTACK phase of the FA begins (not the super-armored “charging” phase where your character is still posing or “winding up”), the game will queue up the dash and you can immediately swish the stick to b/db while your character is still attacking. If you’re fast enough (it’s not that hard relative to many things you have to do “fast” in SF4) you can net almost a half second of precious charge time, which really does add up for all FA combos, not just ones involving Ultras.

For a simple illustration, if you want to combo Bison’s Ultra after forward dash-cancelling his Focus Attack (it’s gonna be a counter-hit level 1 or a level 2 against an actual non-dizzy opponent, but we’ll use level 3 for this example), it will look something like this:

  1. Press and hold MP + MK to start charging your Focus Attack. Don’t bother charging here because you’ll lose it during the dash cancel. Bison folds his arms and does his evil laugh that we all love so much.
  2. As soon as Bison unfolds his arms to actually HIT the opponent, punch in f, f (or b, b if the opponent is close and cornered) as fast as you can.
  3. The instant you finish the dash command, take the stick to b or db while Bison’s arms are still coming out. (Your stick should hit d/b just about at the point when Bison’s palms actually hit the opponent.) The game will “remember” that you entered a dash command and no matter what direction you’re holding (although it SHOULD be db!), Bison will dash in the appropriate direction immediately after he finishes the attack animation.
  4. Keep holding d/b during the dash animation, wait a tick after it finishes (usually just when most characters reach their knees during the crumple animation), and finish the Ultra command. (With Bison, be sure to do uf + KKK at the end to make sure you don’t get an unwanted teleport.)

Compared to many cancels in this game, the FADC dash buffer can be done WAY in advance, so use that to your advantage.

Dash Ultra with these kinds of characters is a bit more involved (I still can’t consistently do it myself), but one of the key subtleties to remember (when doing ANY command on a stick, really!) is that you’re usually trying to hit the “inside” of the switches on your stick, pushing the stick only as far as it needs to go to trigger the switch(es) instead of pushing the switch all the way in (which means it takes longer to go back and forth between switches, particularly if you have to go across the neutral position). Practice doing dash Ultra with a grip on the stick that focuses on jiggling your HAND moreso than jiggling the stick. (That way you can cross neutral faster and cleaner, and get less “lost” input time.) A great way to improve precision when doing ANYTHING on a stick is to avoid excessive movement or force.


^ Great point.

Hitting the gate costs you time on motions that have to be done really quickly, due to the distance between the switch activation point and the gate.

If I use Ryu and I do DP > FADC > Ultra…for the ultra I tighten up the QCF motions a LOT to the point where my stick doesn’t even touch the gate.

Hell, Aikido practitioners, dancers, and ice skaters all figured out that if you tighten up your circle, the speed increases.


This is a great point too.^

For Newbie Saikyo Dojo players struggling to even pull off the Ultras though; keep in mind that you*** don’t ***have to be super-human lightning quick to pull off the Ultra (after crumple). It is all in the way you charge as detailed by Ben Reed and Parabellum. I spent a lot of time doing Guile’s ultra as slowly as it would work, just to build up the muscle memory of the motion. From there speeding it up (and economizing/tweaking the inputs) is a natural progression.


How do you do [media=youtube]5dW90AyV38k[/media] at 2:35?


That is an EX kara cancel (armor cancel?), The armor on the EX move can cancel into many moves, ultra included (although I suspect the timing is very strict). I don’t really use Boxer so I can only theorize until I get some training mode going on, but I think it is an EX Rush punch and absorbuing the first hit of an attack (like a fireball) allows a cancel into the ultra input. Like:

(charged):db::r::2p:(focus armor absorbs 1 hit):l::r::3k: I would assume it has to be very fast.

I will edit later if I can get it to work or if someone knows the exact stuff I will delete and clarify. Below is a great video about Boxer advanced stuff, EX kara cancel included.



You can also get it by accident (which is what I think happened in the video) if you’re doing the ultra motion and accidentally hit one of the punch/kick buttons one frame later than the others at exactly the same time that something hits you.:

(charge) :l:, :r:, :l:, :r: + PP~P