Doing a research paper on Fighting game peripherals

I’m doing a research paper for my computer class. Apparently it can be anything about information technology, and of course joysticks and peripherals relate closely to technology. I can’t seem to find when did some arcade parts originate, like the exact date or at least even year.

Examples like when was the Sanwa JLF was made, or even harder, when was the Taeyoung and Myoungshin Fanta was made? And of course I have to cite a reputable source, I might have to leave these facts out of my paper X_X, just cause I can’t find it lol. Maybe you guys can help =o.

I have no idea. But your best bet is to ask these companies directly. Here is the contact info for Sanwa:

I would recommend having someone that can speak Japanese call them.

Wow, I really wish I wasn’t a procrastinator. My paper is due Thursday X_X. I don’t know anyone that is Japanese that would do this for me.

You could possibly do the old middle school paper style essay:
]Paragraph 1 (American Parts)
[]Paragraph 2 (Korean Parts)
]Paragraph 3 (Japanese Parts)
You could talk about PCBs and current/past arcade sticks on the market as well, not limited to pushbuttons and joysticks

You could make it about the game boards. CPS, Neo-Geo, whatever it was Mortal Kombat used.

Midway T Unit for Mortal Kombat 1 and 2, MK3/UMK3 used the Wolf hardware

See? There’s some nice info there already!

You’re most likely screwed. You shouldnt have picked a topic that is fairly hard to get reputable sources. I understand its something you love but the teachers gonna be pissed if you are citing as a resource lol.

Also not to sound rude but fighting game peripherals dont really seem like a good idea to use for a paper on “information technology”. Did the teacher okay your topic? Just google information technology and youll see how much information there is on it. I would change your topic if you can.

Just make it up, and when you cite make sure that you cite the official company website that is in a foreign language.