Doing a survey on what gamers play

this is just a survey im doing on what gamers are playing now adays. And what games you play

Halo, CoD, and SSFIV.

Previously it was xbox 360, but Phantasy Star Portable 2 came out recently and completely changed everything around…PSP now dominates my game-time. I’ve put probably 200+ hours into just that one game now. Portable gaming wins, man.

I play Mario games because Mario games are better than Halo games because Halo games are always the same thing and Mario games aren’t and I love jumping in Mario games because it’s different unlike in Halo games where the guns and controls and mechanics are always the same and man why are Japanese games so awesome or what?

I also play Dr. B games because in Dr. B games there’s variety like how in the second level the game transitions from action platformer to corridor shooter shootemup rhythm game so smoothly you’re like “wow” and that’s not even the third level which makes the entire Shadow of the Colossus look like garbage man Dr. B is man moist making manness.

I play PC games mostly, but my favorite multiplayer game(besides World of Warcraft) is Uncharted 2 at the moment.

its used to be 360. but now i’m traveling so i can’t bring it with me. so it’s either my ds or starcraft.

On a serious note, I play PC games. Though I have a PS3 and a Wii, the PC remains my main system and will, for some time. Just the playability, when it comes to mainstream games like CoD, NFS, or retro games like Genesis, NES, or SNES, the availability warrants it. Technologically, a mid-range PC is leaps and bounds over the consoles, though it is costly. I’ve been downloading a lot of different genre games as of late, but my main genre (on the PC, anyways) will always be FPSes–fighting on the PS3. FPSes on the PC for the obvious strafing and aiming precision, which can be even more fine-tuned depending on what hardware you’re running. Fighting games on the PS3 for sheer lack of fighting game on the PC (except for Vanilla SF4).