Doing bad againts a noob

Beeing used to playing people around my level and better then me, sometimes when Im fighting beginners I do bad for some reason, I still end up beating them but its a pain, sometimes its even harder then fighting mediocre or higher level players.

who this happen to already?

serious question btw

I know what you mean.

Its tough because noobs go against most every traditional gameplan for the character they play and do random shit someone good would never do. It just hits a lot cause your like WTF when they do it. After a while though you can own them for free.

noobs always will slip up, just hold downback until they do.

is there anything in specific that you’re getting hit by a lot?

the most common noob tactics are like, jumping around with land throw, waking up with something all the time, and random super in between your block strings or their block strings.

Just play it safe. I used to have this problem when I focused on strategy and thinking rather then combos. They’re going to throw out completely random shit that will hit you if you DON’T play safe. Use your pokes at the proper range, don’t even think about mind games or setups, and don’t worry about being called ‘cheap.’

I played against a scrub at the arcade once and just hit him over and over with Urien’s low roundhouse the whole match. I never got hit, and it was boring as hell, but I still won.

The trouble with noobs is that they are essentially not playing the same game that you think you’re supposed to be playing in order to win. You can’t mind game them the way you would on someone at your level or above, so rely on finding those opportunities to punish or capitalize on their lack of experience.

Decrease your openings. That doesn’t mean you will have to play a boring gamestyle. I notice that sometimes more experience 3s players, are more aggressive, but they leave themselves more open to parries. Sometimes a beginner can win a lottery and guess every parry correctly.

yes the main I think it to slow down, especially me using sean you always have to those mindgames and setups and sean tricks and and all that, when it comes to fighting noobs im forced to changing my WHOLE playstyle and its kind of hard with sean and im not used to that playstyle. you cant do mixups againts noobs because they dont play like that. Its like fighting an idiot on the street who just runs at you and trows wild punchs and kicks nomatter what you do, nothing else will work againts him but backing up and wait for openings.

they do decent damage out of nowhere until I have to tell to myself to slow down

ROFL playing shit is sometimes a lot harder than playing good people. You have expectations when you play against high level stuff, but when you try to tick throw with a low short and you eat a random super inbetween, there’s something wrong. This is why I quit playing 3S online…playing garbage is aggrivating and the lag isn’t fun either.

Like people stated before, they are not playing the same game as you. That being said, they never block on wake up most of the time, so free combo. Hit them on wake up no matter what, it will work.

I feel for you. I played a scrubby gouki that only knew how to sweep kick and wake up super and it was so much harder than the guy who I had just beat who kara demon’d me. They aren’t going to fall prey to your mind games/high-low game/footies/wake up tactics etc because honestly they aren’t even aware those things exist. This comes accompanied with their SAI Ken and SAII Urien. You can’t use any strategy because they have none. Just block and punish. Who cares if people think you’re junk, they’re probably going to try and play you too so just kick their asses.

The easiest matches though, are from people who THINK they know how to play the game. I love it when I can dash up to a ken player only to see their faces when I block that fierce shoryuken and give them some gigas lovin.

If you’re having trouble with scrubs, it means your fundamentals aren’t solid enough. You’re leaving openings for them to do shit like stick out random DPs/supers, or you’re trying to counter attack in moments where it wouldn’t have done you any good anyway.

Seriously everyone knows the answer to this


Don’t rush them down, don’t try anything complicated. whiff pokes on wake up from a slight distance and block. if they throw dp, you get a shit load of damage.

Use screen crossups. Scrubs can’t block those.

yeah buddy, cause we’re talking about tournament setting here where we play for our life. I find it funny you post junk like ^^^ when I remember you crying about Gief raping you in online A3 with repeated d+fierce splashes x infinity. Hypocrite…

Are posts like this really necessary?

I think you have me confused with someone else, lol. Dunno what your problem is. Not like I said anything controversial.

fundamentals are usually void in 3s play because so many of the players are new to the scene. None of them played the games that help you develop your “fundamentals”, at least not the way they’re trying to play 3s, and that makes it even harder. I’m one of those players but I’ve since started playing all these other games and I think I’m a little passed that point.

Usually the reason I’ll lose to a scrub is because I don’t want to rail on em, I’ll play em like I would play anyone else and that’s tends to make the matches long winded. Then I get annoyed and just go for the most damaing/risky stuff and I’ll lose. But that almost never happens now.

I want these guys to keep playing so I’ll beat them, but I’ll do it nicely. Eventually they ask questions and soon they are no longer noobs. We have four players like that at regency.

Also, I don’t lose to noobs anymore, as long as I’m not using some stupid character I don’t know to use like Chun.

edit: hahahah one time I played a noob in tournament and was beatng him like bad at the beginning, but then I started fucking around and didn’t hit confirm one combo, and bamf. I lost. haha. ok that’s my story. I lost smiling though, I knew it was my fault.

IMO, Kyokuji is right about the fundamentals part. Really, you shouldn’t be having too much of a hard time as long as you can space yourself correctly and consistently anti-air. Just forget about mind games and win purely on execution.

yep, as soon as you realize that you are fighting a noob, winning should be a cakewalk. Good players just can’t lose against noobs.

Hold that block son.

lol @ av. is that 3rd st in SF?