Doing better with alts versus mains

In Street Fighter 4, my main is Rose. Of the cast, naturally she felt the most fun to play. I like her command normals, specials, and her super is very easy to combo into, not to mention her ultra being fun to punish whiffs (though it’s relatively useless against any good player). Anyway, I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks, and just got into G2. Admittedly, I’ve been struggling in G2 because I’m running into tons of players that actually know what they’re doing, and the most popular characters are some of Rose’s hardest match-ups, most notably Sagat and Ryu.

Just for fun, I decided I would just pick random characters to see how I did compared to using Rose. I tried a few other characters with some success, but then I picked Zangief, and something crazy happened.

I got a lot of wins. As a matter of fact, I won far more consistently than I did with Rose. I won my first G2 tournament as Zangief, even though after 2 days of G2 play the farthest I got with Rose was the finals. I wasn’t even using any sort of strategy with Zangief, all I did was just throw out lariats, maybe a few green hands/EX green hands, and the obvious SPD. I hardly know anything about Zangief’s footsies game, yet I did better with him than a character I’ve been using as a main for a while.

I just don’t know or get why it happened. Maybe it has something to do with online play making lariats/SPDs difficult to deal with. Maybe it has something to do with me being random, and thus not taking stuff as seriously. Maybe I’m just not suited to play Rose.

I know I suck at SF4 and still have a lot to learn, but something just doesn’t feel right about doing better with a random alt than my main that I’ve been playing for a while, especially without really using any strategy.

Is it just me, or does stuff like this happen to other people too? Have you ever picked another character just to screw around, and ended up being surprisingly successful? I’m starting to think I should switch mains, but it doesn’t seem right to give up on a character that I’ve put so much time into learning and playing.

It’s not crazy.

Zangief is one of the best characters in SF IV and Rose is one of the worst. It is easier to win with Zangief than Rose. He has the most health and does the most damage. He also has a good cross up game and can punish pokes quite well.

@chopperbyrne yeah, it is definitely harder to win as Rose than it is as Zangief. I guess I just figured I would need to know more than just lariat, green hand, and SPD to win, considering how much experience I have with rose in comparison.

That kind of play style isn’t going to get you very far. The truth is, on G2 most of the players can be beaten with a few high priority moves thrown one after another. If you’re serious about the game, you’re just going to put a lot of time into learning to play mashy with Zangief but you won’t be able to fight anyone good. Zangief seems pretty stupid at first, but once the opponent has some form of a zoning game at all, you can’t get away with that very much.

To be fair, though, Rose is really, REALLY bad. I suggest you switch to someone else better to continue learning the game. In Super she should be better and you can try her again or something.

@Mariodood Fair enough. Though that seems to contradict “play who you like” rather than “play who is good”.

Right. That’s why if you really like Rose, you just have to wait for SSF4 and try to learn the game as best you can until then. SF4 has a lot of cool designs though, lots of chars play like better versions of Rose depending on what kind of style you like. (Because every character is better than her in some way. lol)

Play who you like, except for rose :]
If you get good with her, then she can compete but not at a high level. You’re better off learning the game mechanics using another character and then switching over when ssf4 hits.

Damn. Ryu, here I come lol

Not really it means you Rose need ALOT of work and the people are playing aren’t that good.
The key line in your first post was that you are winning with gief with no strategy

This means first that the new wins you are getting are against people still bad enough to lose to a stratless gief and second that your rose is at a level that people who lose to an stratless gief can still beat. Play who you want and get good with them. Your rose just isn’t there yet.

EDIT: I thought this might have happened to other people but I guess not =/

I’ll just keep at it, I appreciate all the advice.

It does happen to everyone i was just saying before that it doesn’t disprove playing who you feel comfortable with.

Check out my avatar, its konoha and mei fang from arcana heart. Konoha was my was and mei fang was my alt but mei fangs damage output is much better. You only have to catch someone about 3-4 times with mei fang to kill them as oppsed to konoha where you need get 5-7 opportunities. As a result there are games i would win with mei fang that i wouldn’t have won with konoha due to:

  1. matchups some characters just do better against certain other characters
  2. she needs less opening to win a match.

When you’re playing opponent who make alot of mistakes characters who can get the most damage from those mistakes do better. but alot of that free lariat damage i’m sure you are getting goes away at higher levels.