Doing five av requests!-T.B

hey guys im doing five requests,so if anyone want’s one let me know.I only have two rules. first rule:I don’t do animations!(at least until ive got better) 2nd rule:Tell me what exactly you want in your av,and please be specific, and first come first serve! …request away. :smiley: :cool:

Can you also make a big one!? A4 Format?? If yes Id like one with Geese, Rock and Terry

my first customer!welcome:D .ahem what do you mean A4 Format?and please support the pics of the characters you wan’t,becuase i really don’t like do go around and look for them(2nd rule):stuck_out_tongue:

come on guys im getting bored…:stuck_out_tongue:

your not gonna get much biz unless you help out a bit and get pics… dont be lazy…

lazy…it’s not that i just don’t want someone saying that they don’t like or want that pic…but yeah ill support some of the pics just let me know who you wan’t.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats the chance you take… never a guarentee that they like it… but you can not always rely on them giving you everything…
need to put in more than a few min’s of work for it.

sup t.b…can u make me an av of ff7…jus wanted a kool 1 of cloud:D

hey sure thing chaos,give me some time,ill see what i can do.:smiley:

ok cha0s009 yours is done…hope you like it.:cool:

here it is…:smiley:

come on people request…:smiley:

you started tagging like, less than a week ago.

wtf. cut this bullshit out. the av you made cha0s looks like ugly ass algae and shit. it looks horrible. it looks exactly like the other ones you made, same background and all. you need to be more familiar with what you’re working with. do not rush yourself. you should close this, and work on things for yourself more.

less then a week ago?what are you talikng about,this is more likea test to prove my skills and if you don’t want an av don’t come in here and start telling me about doing av’s,because im still improving…so back off!:bluu:

a test to prove your skillz? how bout you test on yourself. you should close the thead so you can’t make people shitty ass avs. work on it first.

consider what i tell you, advice.

well thanks for the advice and i appreciate it,but it’s only five av’s man,im not doing them for good right now im still working on them…so once the five requests are up,ill stop and continue working on my av’s until i can open a thred for good like those other guys.:cool:

let’s go people request,request…only 4 more to go!:cool:

here’s one of my recent ones,just for show.:lol:

download better fonts and work on your borders & backgrounds

are they uglyer than mine…he he::stuck_out_tongue: