Doing five av requests!-T.B


one shits photoshop poo.

the other shits MSpaint poo.

both are poo. both stink.

even by the way you asked the question, you know that what you made is ugly. if you know it’s ugly, then you’re on the right track. ya see, i don’t think tonbarry knows his shit is poo.


first of all thanks ::tmt:: for the websites,second how is my shit poo,you talk like a dam kid some queer who dosen’t like my avs and i dont care…everyone has there own tastes on what they think is nice or dislike.Anyways im going to close this thred right now because it seems like all im getting is people like you telling me that i can’t do av’s and that it’s ugly(not)…so ill work on my av’s some more until i get better and then will see how bad i am.:wtf: