Doing ft5s or ft10s Guy mirrors. WIth a review on your playstyle :D

So I’m on XBL (Deznere) for the time being and I’ve noticed a lot of Guy player a few in this forum tend to have some bad habits in the Guy mirror.

Recently played Shaynet(Slinkywinky) good games by the way.

Your pressure game is good and you know how to stop Guy’s runstop pressure. But you should be wary of pressing a button sometimes. I most likely won’t risk it but some Guy players will use EX tatsu to blow you up for pressing a button as well as other characters willing to just reversal. You have a bad habit in terms of using focus attack a lot, and normally charging to Lvl3. Don’t do that. Problem is if I have meter or in range for TC, its an easy blowup. Try to stay on the ground much more often, if I’m not KDed its easy for me to advance or anti air you especially since you can’t using elbow. You also let me jump in for free a lot of the time, Remember you can TK Izuna, and tends to beat all of Guy’s jump ins with the proper timing.

Use tick throws and Option Selects, and other forms of baiting a crouch tech or for me to press a normal. You didn’t apply an OS once when you safe jumped which gave me a free backdash.

Don’t blatantly Run OH from half screen away. Granted this may be online but offline could stem a different story. Same with Runslide without meter, you could eat an ultra if the person reacts fast enough even if you do have Meter. And in the Guy mirror he can punish both options if you FADC forward (-3) or backwards (at least -11/12). Use Guy’s normal overhead instead. Its faster, safer, hits from a good distance. Try to use Guy’s other normals more often as well. You kept resorting to slide which would net me a free focus attack.

Work on your crossup game. Guy is a little hard to cross up in the mirror match due to his EX tatsu and weird wake up animation which can cause some cross up setups to actually whiff if you time it too perfect or in your case walk forward too much before pressing HK. Don’t sleep on fake crossups either they are good to use and at times can be hard to react to.

Also since you use U2 in the Guy mirror remember its a 1 frame Ultra so it will defeat safejumps whether I press a button or not, Just watch if a person delays their jump at all if they do, EX tatsu instead, you’re likely to get 3-4 hits.

Combo wise, if I’m standing midscreen and you still want to apply pressure go for Runslide, or Bushin Chain without the EX Hozanto combos. If you push me away you give me time to breathe and rest easily. Also try not to use Ninja sickle while I’m in the corner too often, If I have meter and see it coming I can EX Run and the end result won’t be pretty especially if I have Ultra. Try not go for uncrouchable bushin flips. I will look for that considerably and I will avoid the set up. You should avoid them as well as I did catch you a few times. (Mash a low)

Outside of this you’re good, personally I recommend using U1 instead of U2 as outside of mashing it during block strings and catching a safe jump or unsafe move, which anyone aware of the special will rarely do, you’re more than likely to land U1 than U2 in most cases. It’ll keep the opponent honest, but if they outplay you considerably on ground game U2 won’t do you much good. Just a thought however whatever is your personal preference is yours.

This is also by no means proclaiming that I am the best Guy player this board has to offer. This just seemed like a good idea especially after viewing the AE 2013 changes. It seems alot of you need to step up your game considerably from the changes you had asked for.

Alot of you had asked for EX tatsu to be FADCable. In my fights with Shaynet any time he did EX tatsu it was to hit my meaty on him. And in some cases to anti air me. Any time I backed off or just anticipated it, he never did it. I mostly did EX tatsu whenever he jumped on me and it wasn’t a safe jump.

If you want you can review the set we had

I’d rather we do it again I know you stated you were sloppy but I’d much rather have it where you are tip top shape

I’d like to play you, but it would likely be a yellow bar mess! Anyone know what happened to Nox2? Haven’t seen him around or played him in ages!

I want to review our set but…im not really good at formulating an articulate analysis of our matchup where you will understand what I actually mean. GGs tho #Kappa

Are we ever going to.have our true ft10

It’s worth a shot and I think he stopped playing, I’m on the east coast and have decent internet again

we did tho #Kappa but we will play again soon, I haven’t seen ya on and I been MIA due to school work and PxG stream stuff. I really havent had much play time as of late

Hey Blooddrunk, I would be down for a FT10 mirror match sometime. My GT is Big Joe 540.

Faced you several times lol, Deznere. I’m on now if you want to go send a message and I’ll boot up the xbox

I knew your gt looked familiar lol. Mon-Wed would work better for me b/c I’ll be working all weekend.

im down for some ft5. . . . DoubleTransform

id like to play all of you. just recently started gettin serious with this game again, so i definitely need more sparring partners. thanks for the advice. @blooddrunk i know i should have been doing the cr. hk OS after safe jumps or mix up with empty jump cr. lk but i just didnt do it. and for me, i feel guy has to be in the opponents face to be a threat, atleast thats where i wanna be. right there applying pressure. so thats why i used U2. i like to use it during basic frame trap/counter hit set ups. since it is a 0+1 ultra, and can be jumped out of on reaction.

Alright just add me folks.

Also Shay make sure you’re timing the OS right, if you time it wrong you’ll get hit by a 4 frame reversal. Also against Viper… just use OS, I’ve found this to be incredibly useful as it will catch all her options leave you safe after her Feint cancels and if she just lets DP rip, She’ll whiff and you get a full punish :smiley:

Big Joe, your Guy has gotten better, try to stay on the ground though, those elbows will break your momentum against characters that can easily anti air it or use a low profile move to make it whiff. Not exactly something you want to happen, especially when you don’t meter to possibly save yourself. It was good to see you aren’t so eager to EX tatsu either. But if you notice the person isn’t going for safe jump let that shit rip. If they are going for a cross up, remember to have it autocorrect otherwise just block, backdash only if you don’t expect an OS to follow through, and try to keep that habit at a limit. If you get to predictable you could eat a huge punish. Remember to mixup during your safe jumps and KDs. Use meaty setups and kara grabs setups. You’ve got to make your frametraps matter for something outside of just pressure alone.

Don’t forget about Guy’s pokes either, there were number of times you started the rounds with Run OH/Slide. Don’t risk giving your opponent the possible chance of gaining momentum first, These moves can be easily telegraphed and slide costs 2 bars to make it “safe.” Remember the FADC forward is -3, and the FADC back, is atleast -11 or -12, Few characters can punish it, so its never a true thing to worry about but you don’t want to blow your meter so quickly on a huge risk. Try closing space going into footsie wars, when it comes to character with projectiles you should know what to use by then.

Remember if something works and they don’t try to stop it, abuse it every so often so they don’t learn how to deal with it. Guy has to use the surprise factor. So try not to get so predictable with your mixups and pressure. Don’t forget to use option selects the few times I back dashed you didn’t do anything about them.

Blooddrunk, review of our games. Don’t have your mother cheerleading you on…it doesn’t help! lol

Seriously though, a question. I noticed twice you went for neutral safe jump and tried to delay it with an air throw JUST before you land. How many frames does that delay you by? A friend of mine showed me that trick recently (although he was using El Fuerte) but I haven’t really tested it out much. If timed correctly (I think you mistimed it both times) does it make U2 whiff? It looked like that’s what you were going for, but you kept getting blown up.

Anyway! GGs, we’ll have to play another set soon…preferably without parental distractions lol.

On a side note, hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoys their New Years tonight! Stay vigilant, keep it ninja!

I was trying it out, I think i was mistiming due to the slight delay, but Pedro is the one that mentioned it on the forums a while back. I’m available later on today from around 4 pm til 7 pm EST.

Yeah mom and Church is one thing to never something she will stop hounding about she never likes being late.

Hey guys!
My first post here, although ive been visiting these forums to learn the MUps etc. Thx for the info! It has helped me to level up alot.
Maybe only guy ive faced from here are you Nebbiez. Might be cause we both from europe.
How do you think my other chars(DJ, Dictator and Blanka) compare with my guy?
Couldnt pick my ultimate main yet :smiley:

Hey Tobias, welcome here finally! To anyone who hasn’t played him, you definitely need to. This dude is an absolute beast with a whole variety of characters! Anyway, I think your Dictator is very very strong, and you understand the Guy matchup very well and know exactly what mistakes to not make, unlike a lot of good Dictator players. Your Blanka is crazy, you mix up your offence really well, but Blanka is a much easier matchup for me personally to play than against Dictator.

You have a very solid Guy but I dunno, to me it feels maybe like your style is similar to when ComboFiend was playing Guy. And the reason he stopped playing Guy is because he didn’t feel like he was playing him the way he was meant to be played. You have a very solid Guy and you know some of his best setups and max damage combos depending on the situation, but I personally feel like Guy needs to have a bit more randomness to his play. Try going a bit more crazy with him like you do with Blanka lol. But then I can only comment based on my experience with you in the Guy mirror match, which to me is a very boring matchup once both players understand the matchup to the highest level. Guy is almost too good against himself, in that he has the perfect defensive tools to deal with all of his own offensive tools. The result of this is that both players tend to spend a lot of time sitting around not doing anything apart from maybe building a bit of meter, because it’s the safest thing to do. Rushing in, flipping in, jumping in - all will get you killed most of the time.