Doing High Time after Dimension Slash?

I was playing earlier and I did Dimension Slash -> X-Factor in the air -> Helmet Breaker -> High Time -> Dimension Slash -> High Time -> Dimension Slash

But I noticed that doing it three times in a row only works SOMETIMES, it just depends how they get hit and where they are at. It was very useful (and pretty awesome to do) but I was wondering if there’s a way I can get it all the time instead of it being based on the way they get hit by it? Anyone know?[/SIZE]

You can’t get it all the time, and as far as I’ve seen you can only ever do it 3 times before hit stun makes it impossible.

The way to tell is that sometimes they will get hit one last time by one of the dimension slash, it’s really noticeable as it hits a lot later than all of the other ones, when that happens you’ll be able to follow it up with high time, all you can do to increase your chances of it is to mash the buttons so that you get more balls.

It’s not affected by hitstun at all, dimension slashs hard knockdown always lasts for the same number of frames, so theoretically it’s an infinite, well, at least in training mode… ^^

The best results to increase the chances of being able to hit another otg i get if i delay the dimension slash, so the opponent can fall a little lower, i usually get more hits that way.

i teleport to the other side before i otg and get double super roughly 70% of the time.

i’ve actually done it once using all my 5 bars in training mode, i find it impractical in real matches unless you want a certain kill but i would just try for an air grab reset after the dimension > high time.
the trick for me is how the last hit on one of the judgement cuts hit, if the last hit is late enough then you can follow up for another high time, to me it’s more based on luck